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Saturday Night Live October 18, 2008 - Sarah Palin Rap (Amy Poeler)

Palin sits on the sidelines as Amy Poeler subs for her in this rap:

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Amy Poehler once again proved that she is real treasure for SNL and will be greatly missed after she leaves in November as has a child and goes on to film opportunities.

By comparison, Sarah Palin did little more than simply show up on SNL. She wasn't any great comic wit or all that endearing, charming or even funny. For a former TV sports anchor I really expected a much stronger on-camera ease and effort. She's basically a colorless figure who only appears more colorful at first appearance which quickly wears off. Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, Tina Fey is the far superior Sarah Palin, more intelligent, witty and personable by far.


Come on people, lay off Sara. After all the witch craft her pastor performed on her, excising the demons, etc. it didn't work, she was just being her normal self.

But it does explain a lot about her pastor, and the group of crazies up in AK that she hangs with want to pull out of the US. Me thinks that maybe Jim Dobson needs to have a couple of sessions with her, and cure her of whatever ails her.




I loved it..I think Palin looked beautiful..Amy rocked! I totally loved that skit!


Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate is as dumb as a box o' rocks but the chick's got it for a career on the tube, no doubt. Amy, what a rappin' goddess U R sistah girl!!! You hit it right on the mark. What a way to go out. Damn, you'll be missed on SNL.

Yvette Gatewood:

Very cute skit.


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