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Colin Powell Endorses Obama on Meet the Press (video)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Comments (4)

Randy M Brumund:

The established media is making a lot of noise about the General Powell endorsement of Obama for president. This news shouldn't be any surprise to anyone on either account. The established news media has shown itself to be biased for Obama. There have been many instances where they have given preferential treatment and coverage to the Obama Campaign. Instead of being a non-partial entity, they have given many collective hours of free campaign advertisement for Obama. They have given untold hours of favorable coverage to Obama's political party. I am not a political genius, but I have been able to identify what they have done and continue to do. The Founders thought it important to have a non-biased news media so that the people could look at and make informed decisions concerning the candidates and policies of those candidates. My distrust of the news media has been cemented. It is my opinion that they have taken advantage of their elite position and they are to never be forgiven.
As stated above, the announcement of Collin Powell embracing Obama doesn't do anything for me. I suppose because he is a public figure, he felt that he had to make an announcement one way or the other. My vote for president will not change because of anything he or anyone else says. As the Apostle Paul once said, "...when I became a man, I put away those childish things..." I am my own man. I am a mature individual and I can think and use my mind. Since it is obvious that the news media and company is biased (and therefore corrupt), it is easy for me to treat the Powell announcement as just more trash to listen to and then discard.
There are a few positive things about this episode. One would be that as I am throwing Powell's endorsement in the trash, I am more determined to vote the dictates of my heart. Their obvious attempt to influence my vote has only strengthened my resolve to vote my conscience. The second would be that their attempt to influence the outcome of this election only shows that they can not assume that all Americans are idiots and robots who wait for their marching orders from on high.
I hope that there oar enough Americans who are also able to see what is being attempted. I hope that millions of thinking and individual Americans will reject the news media attempt to influence this election. I hope that America will show itself that it can elect its leaders without the guidance of some pointy-headed elites who don't want America to make up its own mind and vote its own conscience.
Churchill once said, "...never, never, never surrender". I say, "...continue to fight. Keep hitting them where it hurts!" Go get 'um girl!

Lee Ward:

"Since it is obvious that the news media and company is biased (and therefore corrupt), it is easy for me to treat the Powell announcement as just more trash to listen to and then discard."

That's a rather bizarre connection you've made there, Randy.

Last year General Powell donated money to McCain's campaign.

This year, having seen the sleazy campaign choices made by McCain, and having further seen more and more of Barack Obama, Colin Powell has chosen to endorse Obama over McCain.

Care to explain how the eeevil media is connected into this endorsement? Or are just traveling from blog to blog spewing your nonsense every chance you get?

Seriously, my friend, what on earth does your comment have to do with Powell's endorsement of Obama?

"Go get 'um girl!"

Ahhh, you're a Palin fan - that explains it...

Norris Hall:

Is Powells support for Obama about race?
Limbaugh seems to say so.
In fact,Colin Powell has always been a supporter of John McCain.
In 2007 Powell dipped into his wallet and wrote a $2,300 check to McCain.
Powell's contribution - the maximum allowed by law - came at a time when the press had written off McCain and said his campaign was about to collapse.

"[McCain campaign manager] Rick Davis called all the Republican heavy hitters in early August 2007, and said if they didn't raise $50,000 by the end of the month, McCain was going to close up shop ," a Republican insider who answered the same call from Davis told Newsmax.

McCain weathered the money pinch with the help of Powell, who wrote his check on Aug. 7, 2007 - at precisely the moment McCain needed it the most. The McCain campaign was delighted.

Powell spokeswoman Peggy Cifrino confirmed to CNN that the retired General made the contribution after learning that the senator's campaign was low on funds, though she stressed this is not a formal endorsement of the candidate.

"John is a longtime friend of General Powell's," said Cifrino. "But he has not endorsed John McCain nor any other candidate."

Now, over a year later, Powell has become disenchanted in the McCain's move to the right and the negative tone of his campaign

Hence the endorsement of Obama


Druggie limpdick isn't able to tell the truth, he's in a continues fog from the pills he takes. I always thought General Powell was on McCains side, and after listening to his reasons for not supporting McCain, and looking at the facts he talked about, he made sense.

Let's face it, the GOP has more racists belong to them, along with the closet queens, pedophiles, and Lord knows what else is lurking out there with them. So yes, since both are black Americans, the GOP will say such untruths.


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