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Sarah Palin's $150,000 Wardrobe - The United Nations Visit

Come on, all of you plumbers, write another check to the GOP - there's only 12 more shopping days before the election:

Palin's September visit to the United Nations. Records show she dropped $5,102.71 at Bloomingdale's on the upper East Side.

Update from boston.com:

Meanwhile, in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that shows Democrat Barack Obama leading McCain 52 to 42 percent among registered voters nationwide, up from 49 to 43 percent two weeks ago, voters also said that Palin's qualifications to be president was their top concern about McCain -- ahead of even continuing President Bush's policies. was.

Of respondents, 55 percent said she is not qualified to serve as president, and 47 percent have a negative opinion of her, up from 27 percent when she was first picked two months ago.

You mean spending obscene amounts of money on high-end fashion hasn't made Sarah Palin more qualified?

See the Total Palin Look that checks from plumbers helped pay for...

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Comments (5)

Susan Utzinger:

You'e right, Gov. Palin's wardrobe expense is a disgrace.


I'm going right out to vote for Obama & (Slow) Joe (and Michelle). Right now. This minute. In my bathrobe. Because I'm a racist redneck.

PS- I think you need to investigate how much money it is costing the Republicans to keep the Palin children in icecream. That would be GOVERNOR PALIN'S children, as in a GOVERNOR who GOVERNS and makes ADMINISTRATIVE DECISIONS, in case you didn't know.

An icecream expose would be quite a feather in someone's cap, so you better get right on it.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

It takes a $150,000 wardrobe to make ADMINISTRATIVE DECISIONS?

She can't make decisions wearing the kind of clothes working women wear?

I thought she was "of the people"?

What happened to the Sarah we were sold at the Republican convention? The one who was just a hockey mom from Wasilla?

Looks like she got greedy.. tsk, tsk - what a corrupt politician Palin has turned out to be...


Ref #3. Jo, you are full of manure. She was never registered at the Waldorf, and in fact, the sleazy GOP NY Sun had to retract and print an apology about that FAKE STORY.

Now Jo, do you have any more lies you would like to spout off about? Since you have, by your post, proven you are a liar, what else are you?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm sure JO will be along any minute now to apologize for posting made-up crap.


I'd much rather see my campaign contribution spent on classic, beautiful clothes than on tacky, styrofoam columns...but maybe that's just me.


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