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Al Qaeda Website Endorses John McCain As Their Best Terrorist Weapon To Ruin U.S.

After Barack Obama gained the influential endorsement of General Colin Powell and many major newspapers including the CHICAGO TRIBUNE which hasn't endorsed a Democrat for president in 150 years, John McCain received an embarrassing endorsement from a shadowy Al Qaeda website which endorsed McCain as their best hope to see America's economy ruined.

The tiny Al Qaeda terrorist network organization has suffered heavy military losses at the hands of military action in Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Iraq, and is now largely only able to afford small symbolic actions such as making threatening messages on some shadowy website that they purchase that spring up and disappear overnight. However the Al Qaeda endorsement of John McCain can't be very helpful to him. If terrorists think that McCain is such a crappy candidate that he is as good as another 9/11 attack, then that's a pretty bad endorsement.

Since Al Qaeda is unable to organize any terrorist attacks much farther geographically than parts of the Mideast or Northern Africa any longer due to serious military losses of their soldiers, they simply attempt to impact elections in Western nations now. In 2004, John Kerry might have narrowly lost the election to George Bush because Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden issued a message right before the election, creating some voter fear in the U.S. and no doubt shifting some votes to Bush.

However, it was really a sign of Al Qaeda weakness that they could not organize any terrorist attack in the U.S., so instead the terrorist organization figured that the re-election of George Bush would do the most damage to the U.S. And they were correct. Today the stock market is down roughly another 500 points and the American economy is in complete ruins due the Bush Administration's mismanagement of the economy. Even Al Qaeda couldn't wreck the American that bad after the 9/11 attack.

It is a pretty good sign that Al Qaeda is a largely broken organization that since 2004 it only has George Bush or John McCain to rely on as their terrorist weapons. However, George Bush has been able to do far more economic destruction to the U.S. then Al qaeda could ever able to achieve in their wildest wicked imaginations. And Al Qaeda views McCain as more of the same, besides his erratic temperament and his his incompetent sidekick Sarah Palin how is completely unqualified to be president.

John McCain's erratic warlike instincts could also help to worsen relations with Russia or other nations as well as well, instead of working to reverse America's slide in foreign relations under Bush. McCain could involve this nation in both military and economic dramas both. You can see this coming all the way up Broadway. It only takes half a mind to vote for McCain and continue this damage to the U.S. Half a mind indeed. Voting for McCain is easier than thinking.

Al Qaeda is highly unlikely to be able to stage any significant terrorist actions in the U.S. because of all of the improved security arrangements at airports and other areas and all the military damage done to their organization and their leadership losses. It is pretty pathetic that now John McCain and Sarah Palin are now considered the best weapons that Al Qaeda has left. But it's also a good sign that Al Qaeda has suffered significantly. And Barack Obama plans continue the battle against these lawless terrorists in both Afghanistan and Pakistan until they no longer threaten the U.S., even with weapons like John McCain or Sarah Palin.

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"However the Al Qaeda endorsement of John McCain can't be very helpful to him."

Wait a minute.
If they endorse McCain, aren't they smart enough to know that would likely shift votes to Obama? (At least among the uninformed and the surface-thinkers - aka a significant portion of the American electorate under the influence of American media.) They've been paying attention to how things work here ... they watch CNN.
Therefore, isn't it clear that Obama could be the one they really want in office????

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See http://earthboppin.net/talkshop/national/messages/300.html.

Steve, the real problem for McCain is that some real personal weaknesses in his character and his campaign have only encouraged some unwelcome endorsements from both Jihadists like Al Qaeda supporters and the Ku Klux Klan. These unwelcome political endorsements are a sad commentary on his leadership and personality shortcomings.


Paul, I can't tell from your response...
Did you miss my point or simply DISmiss my point?

Steve, I doubt that the Jihadist website deals in "disinformation" like the old Soviet union once did as it remains as a major communication outlet for the followers of Al Qaeda and other organizations to exchange information. This site is hardly as complex as some KGB operation. It is what it is. However the site does not speak for all Jihadists by any means.

The major role of Al Qaeda with 9/11 was to ruin the American economy since they can only launch small attacks within the U.S. Creating a climate of fear and forcing a society to spend a great deal of money were the goals of the cheaply run terrorist attack of 9/11 where buying some box cutters and airline tickets were probably the biggest expenses of these low budget terrorists. For a low cost they created huge security crisis cost for the U.S.

Unable to launch terrorist attacks within the U.S., Al Qaeda simply attempted to ruin John Kerry's hopes in 2004 and re-elect Bush with a message by Osama Bin Laden right before the vote. This year their hopes are about the same.

Bush and McCain act as a lightning rod to attract antiU.S. radicals for now, but once Obama continues the same military policies of search and destroy of Al Qaeda bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan , then these terrorists will hate him as well. They are extremists and antiAmerican and hate the in-party.

But also with the Bush mismanagement of the economy, and McCain as more of the same policies, it is a pathetic terrorist threat for Jihadist support of McCain to be their best threat to the U.S. because they are unable to launch attacks here, but also a good sign that this organization has suffered huge military losses.


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