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Pittsburgh Mugging Conspiracy Theory #1875 - The Mirror Image

Our right wing sister site Wizbang is breaking the news again, on a report of a Pittsburgh mugging that has Kim Priestap breathlessly wondering if black muggers will rape all the white women if Obama doesn't get elected....

Is this the new strategy to get Obama elected? Vote Obama or we'll riot, mutilate people and destroy property? Keep in mind, community activists used intimidation to get banks to give home loans to minority and high risk customers. They stormed bank lobbies and scared away customers. They harassed bank presidents at their homes. It seems they're willing to go even further and actually mutilate a McCain supporter. Will voters with McCain signs in their front yards be targeted, too?

To me, this is an argument to defeat Obama soundly on November 4th. We will not be intimidated into voting for Obama.

What's behind the Priestap panic is the real-life tragic story of Ashley Todd, a college Republican field representative who was reportedly mugged in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at an ATM by a black man whom she claims carved a "B" into her face after noticing her McCain bumper sticker.

Here's the photo as it appears on the Hot Air website:


Sounds like it could be real life mugging - they happen all the time - but it also sounds like it could be made-up hooey also -- designed to instill the kind of pre-election panic blurted by Priestap.

And then I noticed something interesting. The "B" supposedly carved into the woman's face is really a "B" only if you carved it while looking into a mirror. Here's the same image flipped, which depicts how the "B" would appear if Ashley was looking in a mirror as she carved it.


Did Ashley carve the "B" herself, as she looked into a mirror?

Well, that's my election year conspiracy theory contribution for the 2008 campaign season. I can't imagine why the black man would carve a 'backwards "B"'

And wouldn't Ashley be kicking and screaming and pushing this guy away - it's amazing that she stayed perfectly still while the "B" was carved, eh?


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Comments (13)


Most of the black muggers have trouble reading and writing, so it does bring up a good question. I cannot believe any mugger, black or white, yellow, red or brown is going to take time to carve a letter on someone's face. They take the money and split.

But time will tell, and if she has lied, I hope she gets the book thrown at her. But until the whole truth comes out, the wingnuts will all have their panties in a wad. And if it is false, I wonder how many of the wingnuts will apologize for their sleaze in harping about it?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

You're right, Allen - the B does look like some time was taken while carving.... and I can't imagine Ahsley would stay perfectly still while the guy came at her face with a knife.

Smells like Hooey to me!

Reader from the beginning:

This smells all the way from Alaska to Florida.

I am going to assume this is a set up and she is doing this on purpose in an attempt to help her hero John McCain.

The problem is that a stunt like this can get people more riled up than they already are and thats the recipe for starting full blown riots.

I am fearful that there are elements of society that will gladly rile people up on November 4/5 regardless who wins.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

A race riot in Pennsylvania two weeks before the election? That's exactly what Priestap and her ilk would love.

Notice how the mid part of the B connects precisely with the other lines...? She had to stay perfect still... very odd.

Reader from the beginning:

Lee, I am amazed how the right is so worked up over this election. I have never seen anything like it.

I am more amzed its over McCain/Palin, two very flawed Republicans that each have so many problems.

The right should be happy to be rid of McCain once and for all.

Malkin is all over this and thats good, she may calm things down.

I did not think what you thought, a race riot before the election in PA.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've noticed that lately, and even complimented Malkin for being a sensible influence on some issues on occasion, but the racists on the right are in a full-tilt panic over that black man potentially getting into the White House.

It's beyond reason, and operating on the gut level - but that's where the hot emotions live, down in the gut.


Anti-conspiracy: the mugger could have been standing over her, facing the other direction, as he scratched the B.

Anti-conspiracy: not too many women would do this to themselves.

Anti-conspiracy: Ms. Todd is a Martin Luther King and FDR fan (really! an essay she did on them is on line).

Neutral: the mugging taking place "off camera" could be due to Ms. Todd not wanting to be seen faking *or* to a mugger not wanting to be seen mugging.

Pro-conspiracy: how still would Ms. Todd have to have lain for this B to have been scratched?

Pro-conspiracy: if the mugger was crazy enough to scratch a B, why was he gentle enough to not draw blood?

Pro-conspiracy: why would anyone in her situation refuse medical care?

For what it's worth: I've had purses snatched four times. I've only been assaulted once: pushed from behind. One time my purse was snatched on a bus because I wasn't holding it tightly. Another time a mugger showed me a knife (didn't even hold it up to me) and grabbed the purse which I'd dropped in fright. Another time a mugger managed to grab my purse without touching me, even though I'd balled up in fright at the thought of an attack. I can't claim conclusive knowledge of mugger behavior, but I'd say that generally, they're just interested in the money and running away as quickly as they can. Also, I can't claim conclusive knowledge of victim of mugger behavior, but this description strikes me as odd: "a man approached her, put a knife to her throat and demanded $60, police said. Todd handed the man $60 she had in her pocket and stepped away from him, investigators said." It could just be the police's or reporter's choice of words that is odd, but when I just had a knife shown to me (not held to my throat), I screamed. I peed my pants. I barely had the sense to drop my purse. I was incapable of "stepping away" from him.

For everyone's sake, I hope this incident is better investigated than the times I was mugged.


I'll bet the farm this is total nonsense and here's why:
what kind of mugger successfully robs a person and then casually follows them around for a bit? Most attackers run like hell and get out of the area. Does anyone honestly believe he just happened to notice her BUMPER STICKERS and then flew into a rage and then lightly, carefully and precisely scratched a small "B" in into the middle of her cheek WITHOUT breaking the skin? This wound is self-inflicted: it's too careful and shows signs of repetitive scratching over the same pattern over and over again - slowly. The fact the "B" is backwards fits perfectly though this fact is not necessary to prove my point. Though the police report indicates it was the RIGHT side of her face - so the picture is not flipped! It IS backwards.
And before anyone tries: I was a McCain supporter and I like him a lot - but I have ZERO tolerance for Bull sh it.
Remember this story well people - I'll bet my right arm it proves to be a hoax. Nothing about it has the ring of truth.

I, too, have a hard time believing a girl in her 20s would deliberately do this to herself. Is it not possible the photo was published backward? Whether it is real or fake, this kind of behavior is getting completely out of hand, and neither campaign is trying to stop it. One campaign did call and make sure she was all right. One campaign called for the assailant's quick arrest. Neither called for a cessation to the activities taking place: the attacks, the shots being fired at vehicles, homes and signs, the theft of campaign signs, etc. I've never been so sad about an election cycle before. It's time for the adults to take charge and put a stop to the nonsense taking place.


This whole thing smells like bullshit to high heaven, and we will find out in the coming days. Notwithstanding everything else I've read, like area residents chiming in about how they were driving down the same block near the time of the supposed "attack" and the street was busy as hell. Notwithstanding the fact that the supposed "attack" somehow conveniently occurred off-camera from the ATM. Notwithstanding the fact that the photo looks like no knife wound I've ever seen, if it was real, the mugger would have had to carefully scratch it out with just the very tip of a knife, (it doesn't look like any skin was broken) with the victim holding completely still.

I'll finish with what I find most strange (after everything I said above), if this was real, wouldn't it be an "O" and not a "B"? I mean think about every image you've seen on signs, ads, etc., from the Obama campaign.

This story stinks and it will be exposed this weekend.

E Huang:

Well, I'm from Pittsburgh and I was incidentally ON THAT STREET CORNER at 9:00pm because I just finished having thai food and I think I would have noticed someone carving a woman across the street from me. Google streetview the atm and see the thai restaurant in relation to the scene.

I was there with my friend. I double checked the time on my cell-phone. My friend has his credit card receipt from the restaurant (for a per diem business expense) and we did not hear or see ANYTHING.

I can't be positive that the woman isn't lying. But I know I was there and I didn't see anything. I went back to my car and drove back on that street so if the woman called out at all, I would have helped. I will get the staff of the thai restaurant to back up my whereabouts and the timing.

ruby begonia[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Shame on every editor who put out this story as fact! What has HAPPENED to journalism?!!

I include CNN and AP in that.

She told police the perpetrator sat on her chest while carving the B. A dyxlexic but drawn SO neatly.

Uh, junkies rob people at banks. They don't really get into politics and definitely don't stick around. Why didn't she go into a nearby business and scream like any sane woman would do after being attacked like that???

Although I am tempted to walk into every media outlet in the country and scream that journalistic standards have sunk so low that nobody questions an uncorroborated story from a so-called victim with a powerful motivation for lying, and a MySpace page admitting she does so. Duh. Shame shame, press. You better report the upshot bigtime.

I'm a conservative and this story sounds a little fishy to me. Maybe a lot fishy.

As far as her not resisting and thrashing about, it's impressive how still you can be when there's a sharp object a centimeter from your eye. I wouldn't give that as proof of anything.

Does this sound like the kind of story and physical evidence a histrionic person demanding attention would contrive? Yes. Does it mean that she's lying because it fits a stereotype? No.

Let the police do their job.


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