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Sarah Palin's $150,000 Wardrobe - Day 3 of the Convention

Day three of the Republican National Convention in Minnesota in September. According to financial disclosure records, there was a $75,062.63 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis and $9.447.71 at a local Macy's.

Oh yah, sure - you betcha - all of it necessary, ya sure...

Sarah Palin's salary as Governor of the State of Alaska is $108,000 a year.

How many plumbers wrote checks to the RNC only to see their donations be spent on obscenely extravagant clothes?

Republicans are the party of the rich, and they party as if they're rich...

That's one rocking hockey Mom, isn't it?

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Comments (12)


"How many plumbers wrote checks to the RNC only to see their donations be spent on obscenely extravagant clothes?"

I don't know? Let me guess. About the same number who wrote check to the DNC only to see their donations be spent on obscenely extravagant columns?

Am I close?


engineer, you are starting to sound like Jo, saying Michelle stayed at the Waldorf. THAT WAS A LIE ALSO.

But my question is, does Sara really need those expensive clothes, and if so, why didn't she spend her own money on them? K-Mart, Wal-mart, Penny's, Sear's have clothes, and that is where Joe the Plumber buys his clothes, don'tcha know, wink, wink?


Allen, I never said Michelle stayed at the Waldorf, so don't associate me with somebody elses comment.

By your comment (since you used the word ALSO) are you stating that the DNC didn't pay for the setup at the Convention (ie the columns)?

Does she 'need' those expensive clothes? I would be fine with her wearing WalMart clothing, but you would you then not be criticizing her for looking dumpy?

How about Cindy McCain? Should she not wear clothes of the commoner also? Michelle Obama? Should she not wear expensive shoes? Barck Obama and John McCain? Shouldn't they get their suits at JC Penneys like the rest of us?

The Palins aren't millionaire like the Bidens, McCains and Obamas. She can't afford to spend the same amount of money on clothing like the other candidates and their families.

Unfornately society judges a woman by how she dresses. A man can get away with two suits, two ties, two pair of shoes for everything, but a woman gets crucified (especially by other women) over what she wears. Two interchangable outfits would never cut it.

I don't begrudge Sarah Palin for what she wears, neither do I begrudge Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain for what they wear.

Who knew when the RNC made letter, Email and telephone appeals to their donors to give $5000, it was for a one day $75,000 shopping spree at Sachs Fifth Avenue?

These guys make your drunken sailor on shore leave spending money on loose women and other pursuits look like some penny pinching Scrooge by comparison.

Reader from the beginning:


She has a tax problem on the clothes. It is income!!


Palin is a plain crook who is loosey goosey with her expense account ripping off the taxpayers in Alaska and now we see she is a tax dodge.

Just like Ted Stevens, corrupt.

She will not survive her next primary.



Lee already linked to it.

Go look at the link that I provoded in one of Lee's other Palin clothes thread. Lee uses an ABC article stating an unnamed source. I link to an ABC article stating a named source (Kenneth Gross, a federal elections lawyer) who says that it isn't illegal.


And as for your comment that she is a tax dodge for not reporting the clothes as income, I didn't realize that her 2008 tax forms were due already. She can't dodge a tax that she wouldn't have to pay until January 15, 2009 as part of an estimated tax payment.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Good point - I wouldn't be surprised, Reader, if Palin lost her next round in Alaska. Her VP candidacy has uncovered some really ugly stuff, and it just keeps getting uglier every day.

No doubt if this "WardrobeGate" had not been unocovered in the press, Palin would have kept the clothes and not paid a cent in income tax...and then lied about it.


Engineer, Taxes on due on April 15, 2009. And yes, you are correct, she hasn't dodged any tax on the dresses yet. And personally, I don't care how much they spent on her, or the DNC on columns.

I think it's time to move past the dresses, columns, etc. Just like the soon to be non story about some gal getting mugged and a B carved into her cheek. I doubt very serious any mugger is going to take time to carve any letter on someone's face. Stab or shoot them, yes, beat the hell out of them, yes. But come on, carving an letter? Horse pucky.

But remember Sara was the one saying "soccer mom, normal person, etc. By then wearing clothes like the normal woman is doing, she may have had more of a favorable view from the voting public. But you have to admit, she does look really hot! Just wished she had the brains to go with her looks.

Reader from the beginning:

Lee, I would suspect that you have readers that are in sales and have expense accounts with company charge cards.

I wonder how many of them would have the outright gaul to buy new clothes because after all a salesman needs to dress nice and use the company charge card?

I am authorized a government credit card for official business. I am sure that there are full time military technicians with lets say the Alaska National Guard that also have government credit cards. How would they be treated if they charged things for their spouse and children?

The actions by Palin as Governor sets the "tone" for all that work below her. If she is a cheat the rest of the employees will also cheat.


Allen since you probably work for somebody and get a paycheck, you wouldn't know that estimated taxes are actually due on the 15th of January. You pay estimated taxes if you are self employed or if you have a sudden large windfall unrelated to income. Your final tax isn't due until the 15th of April, or October 15 if you file the required extentions. Failure to pay a sufficient amount of estimated taxes on January 15th will cause you to pay a penalty even if you pay the rest on April 15th. Just a little information from somebody who is self employed.

Reader, I don't remember seeing anywhere that Palin used her government charge card to purchase the clothes. Therefore your statement is false and misleading. I believe that I read that individuals used their personnal charge cards and were reimbursed by the RNC, at least for some of the purchases. If you want to make accusation, please have evidence to back it up or Lee will get upset.


Lee, this is an interesting article:

Consider also the $4,902.45 charge at Atelier New York, a high-end men's store, presumably for Ms. Palin's husband, Todd, the famous First Dude.
Karlo Steel, an owner there, said he had gone through the store's receipts for September, twice, and found no sales that matched that amount, nor any combination of sales that added up to the total. Because the store carries aggressively directional men's wear, he caters to a small clientele and knows most of his customers by name, as well as the history of their purchases.... "We have no recollection of that sale and no idea what they are talking about," Mr. Steel said.
Similarly, the RNC records show a charge of $98 at a high-end children's boutique in Minneapolis, but after going through their receipts, the store owners found no record of the sale.

Makes a person wonder, doesn't it?


[Cut and paste comment spam removed - Lee]


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