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Our Defining Moment

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Lee, the sister side (Wizbang) will go ape over this. Guess they, along with McCain think if you make less than 200K, you never pay taxes. Even through I am retired, I still pay Federal taxes, and my income is a hell of a lot less than 200K.

In fact, thanks to Saint Ronnie, 85% of my social security is taxed. Now if the voter caging doesn't work, and the electronic machines are fixed, Obama might be able to win.

But the fact is, if he doesn't keep his word on this, he will be toast in 4 years. The American people are mad, and will get madder if it doesn't start turning around for the better.

Reader from the beginning:

Allen, it was Gore casting the deciding vote as VP in the Senate that made SS 85% taxable.

Facts are facts and I call out conservatives and liberals with equal veracity.

But I believe under Obama, at some point I read I think it will go back to being non taxable, not sure though.

Reader from the beginning:

Lee, did they pull the plug on Wizbang Politics? It sure looks dead.


Reader, if true, I stand corrected, ok. I sure hope it goes back to being non taxable. IMO, any American citizen drawing social security, plus whatever other retirement plan you may have, should not have to pay any federal income tax.

The average American (used to be 16) started paying income tax when they were able to enter the work force (some part time), and have paid for over 40 years of taxes.

Now those people, in the declining part of life should be able to be tax free, so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor, no matter what their income maybe.

And the GOP, smaller gov't, less taxes, in control from 2000 to 2006 never addressed this problem. Tells me what the GOP stands for, tax breaks for the top 2%, and screw the rest.

Hopefully Obama will make all SS payments tax free, but I will believe it when I see it. Until then, don't hold your breath.

And talking about health insurance, McCain wants to tax mine, and other people like me that has, through collective bargaining, receive health insurance as part of our retirement. WAY TO GO GOP!

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Lee, did they pull the plug on Wizbang Politics? It sure looks dead."

No plugs were pulled. Just atrophy I think. It just dwindled down to a few posts a week, and then there were none.


I have to laugh at the wingnuts calling Obama a socialist, when at the White House (Bush) urging, congress had to bail out Wall Street. Who in turn, using our taxpayer dollars, gives out millions in bonus pay to their employees.

Or Barbie Doll taxing the oil companies so she can give every AK citizen a nice check. Or again, at the White House urging, bail out the big three auto companies. If Ford would sell their 65MPG auto in the US, they wouldn't need taxpayers money.

Just how is this bill going to be paid? The GOP and their wingnut lovers don't care, don't stop to realize that someday, this bill will come due. And if a Demo is in office, and has to raise taxes, listen to the wingnuts yelling about the tax and spend Demo's.

Gotta love it, don't you?


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