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Highest Paid McCain Palin Advisers? Make-Up Artists

Leading a nation isn't easy, and nobody is expecting Sarah Palin and John McCain would have to go it alone. Of course their campaign would seek out advisers and consultants at this critical time. The nation's economy is wobbly, for example, and forming a viable healthcare solution could be key to winning the election.

Shoring up and saving Social Security ills ranks high on the list of many baby boomer voters, a key voting constituency, and how best to achieve energy independence is a puzzle that, if solved, would go a long way towards helping everyday Americans.

So with these high-profile problems around and the election hinging in the balance, it's not surprising that both Democrats and Republicans spending large amounts of campaign money on consultants and think tanks to help them form solutions... right?

Sarah Palin - the lipstick-wearing hockey mom with an eye-popping $150,000 wardrobe - is also shelling out big bucks to have her makeup done.

The McCain-Palin campaign paid Amy Strozzi, the GOP vice presidential nominee's traveling makeup artist, $22,800 for the first two weeks of October, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission last night. Strozzi received $13,200 for her work in September.

Records show McCain's makeup artist, Tifanie White, received $8,512 in September and $7,368 during the first two weeks of October.

The Republican National Committee paid a third makeup artist, Tracy Thorp, $980 for work in September.

In total, that's an expense of $52,000 for makeup artists during a six-week period beginning Sept. 1.

Ben Porritt, a spokesman for McCain-Palin, declined to discuss the makeup expenses. "Our campaign is focused on talking about the issues," he said.

The payments to Strozzi make her the highest paid person in the McCain-Palin presidential campaign during the first half of October. Strozzi was nominated for an Emmy award for her makeup work on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance?

amd_mccain_makeup.jpgMcCain campaign spokesman Ben Porrit says the campaign is focused on talking about the issues, but if you follow the money they are less concerned with solutions on those issues, and more interested in image, style, and fashion.

The Caribou Barbie Makeover undertaken by the Republicans is nothing more than an attempt to win the election by focusing on the shallowest, most meaningless aspect of the McCain/Palin qualification equation.

Their make-up matters more to Palin and McCain than solving the nation's ills. They literally don't care as much about problems like social security and health care and the problems that effect everyday Americans -- those aren't their priorities -- what's most important to them is their damn make-up as they attack, attack, and attack - ignoring the solutions that will make a difference in the lives of Americans.

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