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McCain Calls on Stevens to Resign, Palin Doesn't

John McCain called for convicted Alaska US Senator Ted Stevens to resign.

"It is clear that Senator Stevens has broken his trust with the people and that he should now step down," McCain said. "I hope that my colleagues in the Senate will be spurred by these events to redouble their efforts to end this kind of corruption once and for all."

Not Palin - Sarah Palin called for Stevens to "do the right thing" without defining exactly what that is:

In her statement, Palin asked Alaskans to "join me in respecting the workings of our judicial system. I'm confident Senator Stevens will do what is right for the people of Alaska."

She wouldn't tell reporters whether she planned to vote for Stevens.

Sarah Palin says she expects Stvens to "do the right thing" which just as easily could be interpreted as "stay and fight!"

Do you think Sarah Palin is afraid to piss him off because of what fellow Alaskan Stevens knows? You think Sarah Palin is afraid Stevens will spill the beans and tell the press about all of those earmarks Palin requested though his office - blowing huge holes in her "Mavericky" image?

I do.

But even if that wasn't the case - why on earth would Palin fall short of calling for Stevens resignation?

Apparently she's for "cleaning up Washington" unless its one of her oil-loving pals whose tit is in a wringer?

And Palin could not bring herself to say she was or wasn't going to vote for Stevens' re-election after this conviction.

What a gutless Diva.

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Comments (5)

Only minutes ago, John McCain's Campaign must have finally urged Palin to stop going "rogue" and a very soft statement was issued in her name, obviously not written by Palin, urging Stevens to resign. But Palin certainly resisted up until likely pressure from the McCain Campaign must have pressured her.

The trouble with the McCain Campaign is that they don't speak with a united voice, there is internal disagreement, and they are in a bad position in many former "Red" states.

It's a bad campaign where one leg doesn't work with the other, and the Palin foot dragging on the Stevens conviction is another sign of it all.

Lee Ward:

Some folks are suggesting that Palin wants Stevens to stay in office so that he ultimately has to resign - at which time Sarah Palin, as Governor of Alaska, can appoint herself as US Senator.


Palin has absolutely no leadership skills. She can not stand on her own two feet. I know,
you may say that she has been the Mayor and Governor, but the fact is that she is in no way capable of handling the office of the Vice President,let along the Presidency. You know exactly what happens every time she opens her mouth. She always talks before she thinks and she is to busy glorifying herself! She always stand mesmerized at the crowds and if she has made it as a Governor that doesn't mean she is ready and capable of handling the whole United States, that in fact don't like her, oh....... (expect for the far right..... that only think that they are the true Americans) Please Palin, do all of (US) a favor, go back to Alaska! In the short time she has Governed that State she has more controversy than any other Governor of the United States. The reason why she is not speaking out is because she has more dirty clothes and is in no position to point the finger at anyone else. But of course, she would not surprise me if she comes out tomorrow and starts throwing rocks at Senator Stevens. Well, remember that with the same measurement stick you measure others, you also will be measured. And when you are measured, please don't go around saying people are Feminist!


Sarah Palin should follow her own advise for Senator Stevens, "do the right thing for the people of Alaska" Why does she now don't want to cooperate with the "trooper-gate investigation"? Do the right thing Ms. Palin!
Stop being a hypocrite. You are now just like the rest of the politicians of Washington. "You don't recall anything".....and you call yourself a "Maverick"
What a joke you have become!


"She wouldn't tell reporters whether she planned to vote for Stevens."

Most likely because she's already voted for him. Alaska permits early voting.


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