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Obama in the Rain, McCain Cancels

Obama today:

Dressed in blue jeans and a black jacket, Barack Obama braved the cold rain falling in Pennsylvania, and held his scheduled rally - outdoors. "A little bit of rain never hurt anybody," he quipped to the 9,000 who showed up in ponchos and futilely holding umbrellas.

Just an hour away, the rival ticket cancelled their outdoor rally due to the same poor weather conditions that the Democrat embraced.

"I just want all of you to know if we see this kind of dedication on election day - there is no way that we're not going to bring change to America," he said as the soggy crowd cheered.

An excerpt from Obama's speech this morning:

Pennsylvania, that's what hope is about - the belief deep down inside us of us that we can do better than we're doing right now, that there better days ahead, if we're willing to work for it. If we're willing to shed our fears and our doubts, if we're willing to reach down deep inside us, when times are tough, when it's cold, when it's rainy, when it's hard - that's when we stand up, that's when we reach for a better future. And if all of you are willing to be just as determined as you are today, if all of you go out on election day, if all of you get your friends and your neighbors, your co-workers, if you are determined to bring about a better America, then I promise you this, we will not just win Pennsylvania, we will win this general election and you can I together, we're gonna change this county and change this world.

McCain can't stand in the rain - his make-up will run all over the place -- can't have that....

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This is exactly why we should be very concern about electing McCain for President. The fact is that he is too old and very fragile. If he is elected and God forbids he cannot carry on with the daily responsibilities of the Presidency, you know exactly what that means,
Finger Pointing, Judgemental Attitude, Uneducated, Untested, Unprepared, Selfish, Unfamiliar, One track minded, SNL Celebrity, Animal Killer, War monger, Racist provocative, Dodo head, Eye Blinker, Squeaky voice, Li er,
Hypocrite, I could see Russia from my house, Scary Palin will assume command! Now that's bad news for All Americans.The Republican Party could had done a lot better than her. I voted Republican on the past 2 elections, but this time I'm totally disgusted with the ticket. What a waste and what a embarrassing ticket!


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