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Ronald Reagan Was a Socialist

Ronald Reagan, icon of the conservative movement whose mere mention of his name causes social and fiscal conservatives to bow their heads in deep reverence, was a Socialist.

That's right -- Ronald Reagan was a Socialist.

During his term as President, Ronald Reagan practiced "Socialism" in America in exactly the same manner that Barack Obama is accused of promoting tax-based "Socialism."

It was Ronald Reagan's aim to "spread the wealth" from those Americans more fortunate to those Americans less fortunate, giving money to Americans who paid no federal income tax whatsoever.

Under Reagan, the United States Treasury handed out free money to people who didn't earn it, taking money from the middle class and the rich and giving it to the poor of the nation - even if they paid zero taxes, and this practice has continued through the Bush term.

It was during Ronald Reagan's term that the United State government expanded the Earned Income Tax Credit, a money giveaway program big enough to make today's Republican yell "Socialist!" at the tops of their lungs.

Enacted in 1975, the initially modest EIC has been expanded by tax legislation on a number of occasions, including the more widely-publicized Reagan EIC expansion of 1986.[...]

Today, the EITC is one of the largest anti-poverty tools in the United States (despite the fact that most income measures, including the poverty rate, do not account for the credit), and enjoys broad bipartisan support.

Here's how it works today. The dollar amounts have changed from those set by Reagan, naturally, but the basic principles and "entitlements" of the EITC program today remains the same as it was under Reagan's expansion of the program.

The United States federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC or EIC) is a refundable tax credit. For tax year 2007, a claimant with one qualifying child can receive a maximum credit of $2,853. For two or more qualifying children, the maximum credit is $4,716. [...] There is a much more modest EIC for persons and couples without children that reaches a maximum of $428.[1]

The credit is phased in based on income, and there are a number of qualifying factors, but Sarah Palin and John McCain are relying on emotion and -- well, lies -- in claiming to Americans that Obama's tax plan is "Socialism" without recognizing that Ronald Reagan practiced the same kind of "Socialism" during his term in the 1980s...

...and without further recognizing that George W. Bush practices "Socialism" today. The program is still in effect, and we've therefore had a "Socialist" in the White House for the last 8 years.

And John McCain wants you to believe that he's not the same liar that George W, Bush is!

A lot of Americans are in the middle politically, and it's important to recognize that Republicans cries of "Socialism" are just another way the GOP has invented to lie to the American people and cheat them out of their votes.


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Ronald Reagan was a socialist? Big deal!

Far more importantly, Albert Einstein was a socialist. In the article at the link below, he explains why:



Actually, both the Corporate-sponsored and Corporate Media-promoted Democratic and Republican parties practice an economic policy of Corporate Socialism, in which U.S. tax money is used to bail out Wall Street and the Super-Rich, instead of to directly help U.S. tenants, the homeless, the unemployed and foreclosed homeowners.

And the plan of the Obama campaign (whose National Finance Chair, Billionaire Penny Pritzker, helped create the subprime mortgage crisis as a board member of the failed Superior Bank in the 1990s) to give yet another tax break for the white middle-class and white upper-middle-class folks who earn between $80,000 and $200,000 a year will not end the economic suffering in 2009 of most African-American working-class people and poor whites in the USA who earn less than $35,000 per year.

Only by substituting some form of Democratic Socialism or Libertarian Socialism in the U.S.A. in 2009 for the U.S. Establishment's current economic system of Corporate Socialism and Corporate Welfare for the wealthy will economic equality and economic freedom for U.S. working-class people of all racial backgrounds be obtained and the suffering of U.S. working-class people who make under $35,000 per year be finally ended.

One of the root causes of the loss of affluence for most people in the USA since the 1970s was the failure to elect the Socialist Party presidential candidate Eugene Debs in the early 20th century--when Debs warned U.S. voters what was going to happen to their standard of living if corporate control of the U.S. economy and its factories, offices, newspapers and government were not ended and U.S. working-class people did not eventually establish a socialist economic system that served their own class interests.


Actually, the way the EIC works (and all tax credits) is that you can't get back more than you put in... therefore, NO, people who don't pay taxes will NOT get money back as part of the EIC.

Do your homework!


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