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Angry Fox Bitch vs. Bill Burton (video)

Fox trots out one of their attack tarts to attack Barack Obama, and Obama campaign staffer Bill Burton fights back:

October 29, 2008:


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Comments (11)


It's just another case of double standards that seems to be the norm on this site.


mike, I will ask you the same question I have asked other wingnuts. What is the GOP family values? Come on now, there isn't any double standards in that question. Good old Newt, the adultery loving GOP guy, first spouted the family values.

SO COME ON, TELL ME WHAT THE GOP "FAMILY VALUES ARE! Or are you like Kim, Kev, ect that love to spout BS, but can't prove the BS?

PS, I will not hold my breath waiting for you to answer that, as all of you wingnuts can't, or won't. What are you scared of? Proving you are full of manure, or do you wingnuts really have family values.


I dont really know, I'm not affiliated with the GOP smart guy. I guess I could ask you what kind of example Democrats set by electing Robert Byrd, a former KKK member.


I can hardly wait for the debate between Mike and the any random poster...

Mike: Tell me about your Republican family values! Huh? Huh? Yeah...

Poster: Umm..this is a World Series Thread...

Mike: La-la-la Can't hear you over the deafening silence of the Republican Family Values...

Poster: Philidelphia won...

Mike: Because of TEH HYPOCRISY of the Republicans!

Mike, give your tired meme a week off, ok? It needs a rest.


Nice post MunDane but 1. I think you have me confused with some other Mike on here, there is such a thing as two different people with the same name and 2. I am not a Republican so I can't follow and don't know their values now do I? I wasn't the one asking some question about Republican values if you can see to read clearly.

Besides, how could I possibly prove Republican family values anyways? What do you want, something officially written? I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist so what's the point in asking a question that can't be satisfied to any of you peoples liking?


Dammit..wasted that whole joke!

Substitute "Allen" for "Mike"

Crap. I hate it when that happens.

I blame global warming...

Kris C.:

"bitch" and "tart" huh? Sexist much? Hypocritical liberal, you'd be howling in protest if such words were used about Hillary or Pelosi. "Sexist bigoted conservatives!" Heh. You show your lack of class along with your hypocracy. Nice job, Lee-Lee.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, at least I'd know how to spell "hypocrisy"... having written several hundred posts about family value hypocrites on the right.

She's acting bitchy, so I labeled her a bitch. I suggest finding something that matters to cry about, like losing the White House and Congress.


It takes an asshole to call a woman a bitch.


Judging by the rant, I assume you are one of the braindead (Demoncrats). The only party that continuouly whine about values and then fail miserablly to display any.
Your display of sexism (even beside the title of this article) would you care to explain the attacks on Hillery continuously? You people eat your own and complain about the Repub...
Your hero (Obama) obvious fraud with his electronic fund transfer con. His continous whine about what is allowed to be talked about. The cry of racist or exile to anyone who ask a tough question, but then your adding to that now.

So as the old saying goe "Don't through stone at your own house"

MIke in Phoenix:

She's not a bitch and she's simply pointing out a double-standard. Do you want Fox News to be fair & balanced? If you do, then expect the guests to be fair & balanced too. She's not a bitch... if you notice, she makes her point very calmly and professionally, and he agrees with her, for the mostpart. Just because she's making her point that Fox News is the most fair of all the networks doesn't mean she's a bitch. That is a really unfair comment on your part.


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