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Joe the Plumber Tanking McCain in Ohio

It was a dumb move from the start, and now it's even dumber. Anyone who doesn't recognize that the McCain campaign is paying Joe/Sam the Plumber to stump for them is just plain looney. It won't come out until well after the election, when reports on campaign expenditures are released covering this final week of the race, but mark my words - Joe/Sam the Plumber is on the payroll.

So how it's working out so far?

Despite backing from 'Joe the Plumber,' Republican Presidential nominee John McCain is trailing behind his Democratic rival Barack Obama in Ohio, the key battleground state that is crucial to keeping his White House hopes alive.

The 71-year-old Arizona senator now trails Obama by 6 points in Ohio, 50 per cent to 44 per cent. That gap is two points wider than it was Monday and double what it was one week ago, according to CNN's latest poll of polls of the state.

No Republican has won the presidency without carrying Ohio, and barring a major upset in another big state, the state's 20 electoral votes are a "must win" for McCain, it said.

It's too early to flush the crapper on McCain's chances in Ohio, but the water level is rising and poor old John McCain is sinking further behind. Stand by with the plunger Joe/Sam - what floats to the top ain't gonna be pretty.

But then who's really surprised by any of this? The McCain campaign chose Caribou Barbie as the Veep, so when it comes to picking spokesmen in key races like Ohio - a Plumber is a good as anyone else, right?

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Lee, with all the voters being removed from the polling lists, not just in Ohio, but CO,FL, PA,and every else where the can, NM for another, who knows if McCain will be able to steal it.

And another funny thing, some people get mad when I call Sarah the "wicked witch." But it's OK for them to call Obama "that one." They can sure dish it out, but they can't take it, can they.

The only reason some of the GOP Senators are calling for "slimy Uncle Ted" to resign is that if they don't, they will damn sure lose. They are in tight election race right now, and they look like a deer caught in the highlights.

And some red-neck GOP lover shot at three kids who were kicking over his McCain/Palin sign. Three young adults who should have been arrested for it, after that nut wounded one who wasn't even in his yard, he now faces some serious jail time. And yes, I hope those two kids doing it are charged with a misdemeanor.


Typical Marxist style attack on ANYONE who dares question the Dear Leader's agenda.

Emily Bowers:

I disagree that Joe the Plumber is being paid by the McCain campaign. I think if he was hired, McCain would have used his name far less often. It seems to me he is so excited to have someone on his side that he has latched onto the man like a life-raft.
I suppose we'll see when the election is over, but I will be thoroughly surprised if Joe turns out to be hired help.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm not attacking da' Plumber - I'm applauding his efforts to support of John McCain -- because they appear to be having a detrimental effect on McCain in Ohio.

You go Joe -- err... Sam. Whatever...

At Emily- Hopefully a reporter will ask. I'll believe Sam, err. Joe ...Whatever... if he says he's not being paid, but I'd be surprised. He shows up ready for campaign work exactly one week before election day after obvious reluctance to endorse and support McCain and to "be in the spotlight."

A little payola goes a long way.

That's not to say the guy doesn't genuinely support McCain - just that he's now being paid to say so.


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