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Palin Goes "Off Prompter" in Toledo, Ohio

It's 10:00 am Eastern Time and I'm watching Sarah Palin live, speaking in Toledo, Ohio. This isn't the usual Palin stump speech of late, full of "he's a terrorist" and repeated deference to a Joe named Sam who thinks that Obama is a socialist because --- well, he has no idea what a "socialist" is... but he likes the sound of it.

[Image from AMERICAblog.com]

This is a policy speech, pure and simple, and it appears to be a debut of the "real" Palin which her supporters say was buried by her $150,000 wardrobe and $50,000 make-up consultants "foisted" upon her by the campaign.

Energy is the focus of this speech, and clearly she's off script and ad-libbing, using a much more folksy, much less focused speaking style. Wandering, occasionally waiting for applause that never comes.

Not surprising that the audience isn't applauding -- following her line of thought is painful. She's a lousy communicator, and if news reports about her "going rogue" are true we're seeing evidence of that this morning. Sarah wrote this speech -- complete with her own "Katie Couric" moments that are allowing Palin's inner-Barbie to emerge.

I'll watch for video clips of this speech and post them if I can find them. It's amazing. I feel like I'm back in grade school watching a classmate stumble through their assigned speech on "Energy Independence in the United States."

Thanks, Governor Palin, we needed this. We needed the real you to emerge from underneath the carefully packaged and promoted Palin.

Your Pals,
Democrats everywhere

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Comments (6)


Yo - I'm here in Ohio and Palin has not even entered the venue yet - what are you writing about?


Like the MSM, he's now calling the events before they actually happen. Not unlike what will happen with this Presidential election.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Aww, give me a break, BPG. I knew Republican trolls would be dropping by so I put a picture in the post - see - right up there - you don't have to be able to read any big words to see that Palin gave an energy speech in Toledo Ohio.


The trolls are sure showing their "family values" BS, aren't they.

Lee Ward:

Here you go, BPG - another picture to look at. See how it matches the one in the post?

- Link


That's a nice picture. More! More!


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