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Palin's Inpetitude That Make-up Just Can't Cover

I've been saying it since the first day Palin was announced as McCain's choice for VP, but Helen Kennedy says it better:

So now talking about the Republican Party spending tens of thousands of dollars on Sarah Palin's clothes and makeup is sexist?

Please. Isn't she the one who brought up lipstick in the first place?

How can it be sexist to note that the highest-paid person on John McCain's campaign is the makeup artist who applies Palin's lipstick?

At a time when McCain can't even afford to keep advertising in states like Minnesota - site of the Palintastic GOP convention - he is paying her beautician $10,000 a week.

All to doll up a woman billed as just a simple regular-Joe hockey mom, goshdarnit.

Yes, sure, women in the public eye are judged on their appearance to a degree that men never are. And yes, sure, that's enormously, terribly unfair - but there's a flip side to Saksgate.

Does anyone really think Palin would be where she is today - one of the four people closest to taking a seat behind the Oval Office desk - if she looked like Madeleine Albright?

Or put another way, can you picture Hillary Clinton - or any other female pol of substance - winking and simpering like Palin?

Hillary's much-discussed pantsuits were criticized for being too practical, and when she unbuttoned her shirt a little one day, The Washington Post ran an entire breathless column about her "cleavage."

Meanwhile, Palin struts around in sexy $500 Cole Haan boots with 31/2-inch stacked heels, courtesy of the Republican National Committee, and male pundits swoon.

The bottom line is Palin is a dish, and the McCain campaign apparently thinks her good looks and cutesy manner will paper over her cringe-inducing incoherence and utter lack of preparation for the presidency.

That's why her complaints of sexism are so infuriating - worse even than Hillary blaming the patriarchy for her loss.

When a woman flops at a high-profile endeavor - whether it's mismanaging a sure-thing Democratic primary campaign or repeatedly screwing up the details of vice presidential duties - it's all too easy to blame sexism.

That insults and demeans all the women trying to make it on ability and hard work in what remains largely a man's world.

Maybe that's one reason women have become Palin's biggest critics: An ABC poll found her favorability rate has fallen 24 points among the independent women she was supposed to attract to the ticket.

Even pricey lipstick and designer duds can't camouflage incompetence.

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Lee, I have to agree she may be incompetent, but she isn't really dumb. McCain, on bad advice, without vetting her, decided to choose her.

Yes, without a doubt, she is a very good looking woman. And it did, at first give McCain a boost in the polls. Then she started opening her mouth, and we all know the results.

And now she is talking about 2012, and her role in the GOP. She didn't come out and admit it, but she sure implied that she knows her and McSame has lost, unless they can steal it somehow.

But don't count her out, the GOP religious nuts are 100% behind her. And when I call her the "wicked witch" the GOP wingnuts get mad.

They try and slam Obama about his preacher, well take a real good look at her pastor. He prays over his people so they can throw away all the witches. Damn, GOTTA LOVE IT. What about her fellowship with AIP?? Explain that also.

And the wingnuts continue with the BS slogan that she has the "family values." But when you ask the wingnuts just what the family values are, they WON'T ANSWER! Why is that? It's finally came to light that slogan is pure BS.

And good old Newt, a has been GOP, who has committed adultery, is the one who first mentioned it. Damn, gotta love those wingnuts.

And they are now bitching about a tape that the LA times have, but won't release. Well, Vietnam has a tape about "songbird" that they won't release about McCain.

Now I know the wingnuts won't believe me about the Vietnam tape, but it is the same horrible tape about McCain that the LA times have about Obama. Any wingnuts want to comment on that?

See, I can make up lies just like you do. And when you are called on it, you yell the MSM is all for Obama. That right there is a Damn lie. Faux news is not for Obama, nor is Rush Limpdick for Obama. So along with your "family values" BS, explain the so-called MSM BS.

What, no takers on the "family values" BS, or about Faux news and Limpdick? Come on trolls, lets get with it.


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