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MC Howie and Julie K Rock the Vote

Any resemblance to persons living or in a 72 year-old's coma is purely intentional:

from Venga Productions


This heres a song for Barack Obama
Its mostly comedy, with a little drama
But first, there are some things that we must explain
About the senior senator John McCain
He was John McNasty at the last debate
He was spitting venom, he was full of hate
He didnt seem presidential, he just looked irate
But maybe it was just pain from an enlarged prostate

Contrast that with our man, Obama
Props for takin jabs but staying calmer
Than Mahatma Ghandi or the Dalai Lama
Now here's a question mark and here's a comma
Baracks the man for the highest office
Maybe finally, we can get this country off this
Path, and our potential unlock
So dont just sit there, vote Barack!

Now, lemme talk a little 'bout Joe the Plumber
Tryin to win votes for Dumb and Dumber
Sayin Baracks tax plan is the worst
Well, maybe he should pay his own taxes first
Were on a mission, and we're wishin'
Someone can cure this economic condition
It sure wasnt Bush, it wont be McCain
And it wont be Sarah cause shes got no brain

Now the verdicts in on Troopergate
She abused her power in her very own state
She stings like a bee, she spreads lies like pollen
I dont like her, and neither does Colin
I love trucks from Tonka, I love Willy Wonka,
I love Barack Obama in La Casa Blanca
But don't stay home because you think it's a lock
Now dont just sit there, vote Barack!

One of the few red states left is Oklahoma
I guess theyre not concerned about his melanoma
But you know what they say, were just a heart beat away
From Moose-alini as the Pres, and thats not OK
She likes to fish, and she likes to hunt
But you know what I think? It think shes just a
Kind of politician that John McCain
Chose as his VP for political gain

Yes, its clear that he picked her to get female votes
Shes cute, but shes a wolf in a Dall Sheeps coat
When she doesnt memorize her lines straight by rote
She cant produce a single answer from her neo-con throat
But study Barack, baby, if you can
Hes like Albert Einstein with a health care plan
If you listen you can hear this opportunity knock
So seize it, nation, vote Barack!

Now Baracks number two is our man Joe Biden,
Maybe he is not the most excitin
But great advice to Barak, hell be providin
And over the Senate, hell be presidin
Some of you might not have been alive
When John McCain was in the Keating Five
Senate ethics committee said his judgment was poor
Does that sound familiar? Iraq war.

Now were talking to you, if youre in a swing state
It could be up to you you gotta pull your weight
You gotta take control, get up and take a stroll,
Head over to the polls, man I love Tootsie Rolls
I dont care if youre Red, I dont care if youre Blue,
I dont care if youre Christian, Muslim or Jew
Lets show the world that our democracy is not a crock
So get out and vote, and vote Barack!

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Thanks for supplying the words! I'm sending this around to a lot of people.


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