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Palin the Well-Dressed Parrot Presents!

Mavericky good comedy!

We now go live to Toledo, Ohio where Sarah Palin is on stage addressing a large crowd of loyal Republican voters:

and now for something entirely different:

and the verdict is:

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Funny that we haven't seen Biden since his last bout of verbal diarehea further set back his campaign.

Think he's finally undergoing the surgery that will remove his foot from his mouth?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Biden is a gaffe machine, no question -- but unlike McCain, Obama didn't choose his running mate based on polls or demographics, he choose someone who was qualified.

If McCain had done the same he might have had a chance at winning.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The McCain/Palin ticket has to be stopped.

Some anti-abortion/anti-immigration whack job will assassinate McCain, and then Airhead Palin, who is also an anti-abortion anti-immigration whack job, would be President.

That's an unspeakable horror.


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