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Arizona Up for Grabs

Poor John McCain, having to poor money into his home state of Arizona.

John McCain has easily won every political race he has run in Arizona, so it is not surprising that Republicans and Democrats alike assumed the senator would hold his own state in the presidential contest.

But that was before the economy tanked and foreclosure signs sprouted like saguaro in the desert. It was before the registration of Democrats and independents outpaced Republicans; before presidential polls showed a shrinking, single-digit advantage for McCain over Barack Obama, his Democratic rival.

Now the liars on the right will be quick to tell you that this is just a head fake on Obama's part, and that this ever-red state is still red.

If that was true, why is John McCain turning up efforts to defend the state from Obama's growing influence?

Suddenly, both sides are throwing resources at Arizona. Voters began receiving automated phone calls this week from the Republican camp warning that Obama's election would invite a "major international crisis he will be unprepared to handle," and that Democrats in full control of government would "give civil rights to terrorists."

On Friday, the Obama campaign announced it would run an upbeat spot in the last four days of the race touting the Illinois senator's endorsements by former Secretary of State Colin Powell and economic giant Warren Buffett. Move On.org will run its own ads showing McCain struggling to hold on to his state.

Arizona's crimson has turned purple on several electoral maps, and some political analysts have moved it from the McCain column to "leaning McCain." Some polls suggest the state is up for grabs.

Is national landslide spelled with one "I told you so" or two?

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Comments (3)

This is so remarkably similar to 1964 when fellow Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater barely won his home state with just over 50% of the vote and getting just 4,780 votes more than Lyndon Johnson who won by a landslide in most parts of the U.S.

John McCain is in deep trouble when his home state is barely in his column, while Barack Obama may be able to carry his native Illinois by a 20% or even better margin. If anything states the serious problems of McCain it is this.

Love the Newsmax ad with McCain and Palin. LOL

Anyway, I see the Obama campaign efforts in Arizona as nothing more than practical politics. They need to fight for every swing state, and Arizona now is a swing state.

I suspect "Keating Five" McCain's problems in Arizona may have to do, in part, with former Lincoln Savings depositors, their families, and their friends.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Love the Newsmax ad with McCain and Palin. LOL"

I've complained about that ad to our publisher - to no avail.


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