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CNN and Fox Outs McCain's Liars

Joe the Plumber is a major-league idiot. Watch as Fox News' Shepard Smith outs Joe the Unlicensed Plumber's moronic lies.

Joe the Moron Plumber is being paid by the McCain campaign to spread lies. Shepard Smith calls him on his lies and all Joe the Moron does is just keep repeating his lie without backing it up.

Smith: "There are a lot of people who agree with you. I just can't figure out why."

When asked if he knows Obama's position on Israel, Joe the Moron dodges the question.

When Smith's asks if this is just internet hate mongering, and presses Joe the Moron for exactly "what actions," Joe can't cite any actions taken by Obama that would mean "the death of Israel."

Smith: "I just want to make this 100% perfectly clear. Barack Obama has said repeatedly, and demonstrated repeatedly, that Israel will always be a friend of the United States no matter what ahppens once he becomes President of the United States.

His words... The rest of it? Man sometimes things just get frightening sometimes..."

Liars... Out to steal the election.

CNN's Rick Shepard had a similar encounter with McCain's lying spokesman Mike Goldfarb. Shepard called Goldfarb on his lie and this lying sack of shit just smirked.

From John McCain and Sarah Palin to Mike Goldfarb and all the way down to Joe the Moron, McCain and his crew are repeating lie after lie in a desperate attempt to steal votes and win this election.

Enough is enough. America has been lied to for eight long years. It's over. Pull the lever that flushes these lying shits once and for all.

It's time and it's up to you. Exxon is reporting record profits while McCain and his liars try to steal this election.

It's time.

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Lee, that's all McCain and the GOP has left, a whole bunch of lies. That also is part of their "Family Values" BS. Since they can't/won't tell anyone what those family values are, and more and more of the family values crowd being indicated, some all ready in jail, I guess their actions explain it.

And more power to Exxon for making more profits, that's what they are in business for, right? I have no problem with any company making a profit, if it's done legally, and doesn't gouge the consumer.


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