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McCain Campaign Embraces Support From Celebrity Arrested On Assault Charges On Waitress In 2006

Last week the John McCain Campaign continued to make campaign appearance after appearance with a celebrity endorser who was arrested in 2006 on bizarre assault charges of attempting to force a kiss a 19 year-old waitress and then choking her when she resisted his sexual advances.


On April 4, 2006, "outlaw" country music star, Hank Williams, Jr. surrendered to a police warrant in Memphis, Tennessee, after the incident in which he was apparently accused by a 19 year old waitress, Holly Hornbeak, of coming up from behind the waitress, demanding a kiss and then choking her when she resisted his sexual advance. Lawyers for Williams claimed that lawyers for Hornbreak demanded large damages to settle the case as a defense.

Hank Williams, Jr.'s lawyers were able to eventually get the charges dropped on the grounds of a lack of evidence. However, none of that really clears up in a court of law whether the incident didn't actually take place or not just because of a lack of third party witnesses. And according to reports by hotel and motel staffers over the years, Williams has been known for difficult and demanding behavior before such as in a Portland, Oregon concert appearance when he was a guest at the Red Lion according to some staff members. In the Williams case, District Attorney Bill Gibbons refused to specify to the CMT News whether Williams lawyers made a financial settlement to Hornbeck to drop the misdemeanor assault charge or not.

During several campaign appearances on behalf of John and Sarah Palin, Hank Williams, Jr. performed a new version of his classic , "FAMILY TRADITION" song in which he sometimes used very inflammatory anti-Obama language including "terrorist friends" in some versions and other inflammatory language. But in other appearances, some of the inflammatory language was sometimes missing.

There also appeared to be some sort of racial reference to "Black" people during one campaign appearance of the song as well for some reason. Williams was accused of racism before when he released the song, "IF THE SOUTH WOULDA WON", while others defend the song as merely being a bit on the sardonic side. But it remains controversial. But often his songs seem to carry forth an inciteful and angry message that seem to be a volatile mixture if played anywhere alcohol is served like redneck bars.

Williams was known for early battles with drug and alcohol abuse and a failed 1974 suicide attempt. And his songs often feature some outrageous inflammatory lyrics of some type that appeal to a real redneck audience of fans. Williams has reportedly been divorced four times so far, and hardly seems like any poster boy for the McCain-Palin team to attempt to appeal to Christian "family values" voters.

Yet this millionaire recording artist claims that his fans are just the same as him, even while opposing Obama's tax plans that would slightly raise the taxes for millionaires like Williams while lowering taxes for most who attend the McCain Campaign appearances. Williams shares part of a $1 million dollar a year royalty payments from the the songs of his late father, Hank Williams, Sr., as well as his own concert and recording income.

The McCain Campaign seems to be so hard up for celebrity endorsements that it is even willing to take them from a controversial and inciteful personality like Hank Williams, Jr., where just because criminal charges were dropped in the 2006 assault case is hardly any clean bill of health that he's a wholesome personality for the McCain Campaign to embrace as any sort of role model for campaign appearance after appearance. But the McCain Campaign appears so desperate for support that it will take the support of anyone. Absolutely anyone.

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Paul, that behavior is part of the GOP "family values" you betcha, wink. They are getting so desperate now in Ohio they have the religious nuts on radio telling people to pray for McCain.

But with the voter caging and flip/flop machines, they may pull it off, time will tell.

Hello Allen. Indeed I'm deeply troubled when the McCain Campaign embraces someone like this who would be branded just another sex offender if they did not have money to hire good lawyers to defend them-self and get charges dropped probably in exchange for a financial settlement to the victim. It is a serious lack of judgment for the McCain Campaign to so closely align themselves with someone like this who deserves to be a subject of discussion because of their controversial behavior. I can't imagine any campaign wanting to embrace an accused sex offender like this, even if he did manage to get the charges dropped and a court and jury never reviewed the case to get to the truth.


Paul, like I said, it's part of their family values. Of all the lies they have tried to spread, one that really cracks me up: He's a Muslim. Yet at the same time, they cry about his relationship with the Rev. Wright.

The Muslims have no Reverends, they have Ayatollahs. But the family value crowd could care less about the truth. So maybe one of the rightwingers could explain this, you betcha, wink.

But don't hold your breath, they can't/won't explain what their family values are, so they won't be able to explain this either. And the GOP has many closets they hid in and refuse to come out from. The fact is, if they can't steal this election, they will suffer a big defeat, not only the White House, but Congress also. And that will mean hopefully, a Dept. of Justice that is for Justice, not the GOP or the Demo's.

Also is going to be interesting in not only how many pardon's Bush gives out, but who gets them. And how many indictments come about after "THAT ONE" takes over. I think this scares them more than anything.

Liberal Nitemare:

Isnt this sort of thing a distraction from the very real issues impacted by this election?

At least, thats what Obama says it is when hes asked about the people that support him.

Liberal Nightmare, I agree with you in that I don't really like issues like this either, compared to a discussion of the economy, etc. Issues that really matter. However, I'm rubbed wrong by any campaign so embracing such a controversial entertainer. As long as he has not been convicted of a crime itself, he is certainly free to perform concerts or sell Cd's, but it is a whole different matter when a campaign actively embraces a figure such as this for one campaign stop after another and he even performs songs for the audience as well.

It is also absurd for the McCain Campaign to make such an issue about the Bill Ayers thing when Ayers merely sat on a board along with a number of other persons, including the conservative Republican editor of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE as well as Mr. Obama, and then for Hank Williams, Jr. to perform songs about this as a "terrorist" connection for McCain and Palin events, when Williams might only have escaped trial on a form of sexual assault by means of being a millionaire able to afford good lawyers. The McCain Campaign has done too much of this sort of stuff in my mind, and needs ti be called on it here. This is the big advantage of blogs, they can deal with smaller more controversial stories like this that the mainstream media ignores or doesn't want to handle.

It is also noteworthy that the educational project that both Ayers, Obama and others sat one was a large project, which received a $40 million dollar grant to operate by a wealthy Republican family who contributed to many Republican Campaigns so far this year, but just not John McCain's according to FEC records, which makes one wonder whether John McCain was sort of angry about this or something. He's known for such screwball temper problems.

But I'd certainly like to see a return to a politics where candidates really run on the issues myself.

Lee Ward:

The Annenberg Foundation Chicago Challenge schools project that Obama and Ayers worked on was also funded and operating in a dozen other cities across the nation.

This wasn't some radical, "out there" cabal of urban left wing terrorism that the liars on the right have painted it to be. It was a mainstream, admittedly progressive, attempt to education reform in highly-urbanized schools.

A perfect example, Paul, of how the right wing creates "a controversy" out of thin air.


lol, you have to be kidding your trying to compare hank Williams Jr to bill Ayers please you nuts have to realize that there is a big difference between being accused of trying to kiss a girl and admitting to setting bombs at the Pentagon,police head quarters and the capital building then writing a book saying how glad you were to do it and wish you could have done more all the while bragging that you got away with it. i wish all of you would take your heads out of Obamas butt long enough to get some fresh air i think the lack of oxygen is effecting your common sense


James, you are 100% correct. But Obama has not associated himself with a convicted con, who also wanted to kill Americans. Remember McCain's buddy, G. Gordon Libby, now he is a convicted con, and he wanted to kill Americans also.

And you were one of the people who screamed that "THAT ONE" was a Muslim. But then you complain that Rev. Wright and "THAT ONE" was in church together for 20 years.

So James, your statements prove one of two things, either you are ill informed, or just plain stupid. Muslim's have Ayatollahs, and Christians have Reverends. So what is "THAT ONE", a Christian or a Muslim? You cannot have it both ways.

Speak up James, people are seeing through the wingnuts lies and slime and are calling you on it. And if McCain just happens to steal this election, well, it will become another "tea party" except it won't be just in Boston Harbor, it will be all over American, and it won't be just Black Americans out there, it will be a whole bunch of pissed off Americans.

If you have them, better lock and load, because I think it will happen, and hopefully it won't, but if it does, I hope they take out all the elected crooks.

Now I have not threatened anyone, just the elected crooks. If the shoe fits, well, wear it.


Allen you are dead wrong about Obama he has associated his self with a person who not only wanted to kill Americans but actually done it by setting bombs and was associated with a racist pastor for 20 year and admitted communist think of it this way would you befriend all these people if you shared none of their beliefs and no i wasn't one to call him a Muslim i could care less what religion he is this is America what religion you are has nothing to do with running for office but i can see that a person with no experience with ALL of the anti American people he has been known to associate with can not be good for this country. careful what you wish for sometimes you get it


OK Allen now that the pleasantrys are out the way lets talk about the rest of your statement you are talking about starting a war on U.S soil if your candidate doesn't win a free election grow up this is America not Kenya just the thought of that happening should make people come out of their trance if you Obama supporters are willing to kill democracy if your messiah is not elected i would really hate to see what you people are willing to do if he is elected free elections are what democracy are based on with intimidation with groups like acorn with people threatening war if their choice doesn't win there can be no democracy and without democracy there is no America so just to make sure i got this right if Obama wins it will be socialism and if he losses it will be war well its not much of a choice is it but i do tell you this i have made my choice and if it brings war to my door i will be more than glad to stand up as my ancestors did for democracy


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