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Cheney Endorses McCain

Thanks, Dick!I

Jimmy Orr at The Christian Science Monitor:

Obama's got Powell, but McCain's got Cheney...

It's what happens when you get a high profile endorsement. You tout it. You let people know that this person likes you and not your opponent.

So when Colin Powell announced his support for Barack Obama, the Obama campaign touted it.

Likewise, when Dick Cheney announced his support for John McCain, the Obama campaign touted it.

Bipartisan Obama

What, is the Democratic nominee so incredibly bipartisan that he'll put out a press release for both his endorsements and McCain's?

Apparently so. Talk about unselfish.

Obama congratulates McCain

Vice President Cheney was in Laramie, Wyoming over the weekend (where his approval rating is still above freezing) stumping for Republican candidates when he announced his support for McCain.

The ever-alert Obama campaign took those remarks and pieced together a brand new commercial this morning.

"Wanted to make sure you caught our delightful new ad starring the vice president," emailed Obama spokesman Bill Burton.


Different musical selections accompany video of the the high-profile endorsements both candidates have received.

Majestic sounding french horns sound as the announcer says, "Barack Obama, endorsed by Warren Buffet and Colin Powell."

Frantic 1950's-like alien invaders attack Earth music underscore a sped-up video of John McCain hyper-blinking with the announcer stating, "And John McCain's latest endorsement?"

Cartoonish music is served up with a video of the Vice President announcing, "I'm delighted to support John McCain and I'm pleased he's chosen a running mate with executive talent, toughness and commonsense, our next vice president, Sarah Palin."

"And boy did McCain earn it," the announcer dryly ads. "He voted with Bush and Cheney 90 percent of the time ... and that's not the change we need."

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Obama said it was a tough decision for Cheney to endorsed him...yes because Cheney along with Powel are hoping to be chosen or rather been considered to be given a position in Obama administration so in a way his administration is composed of Liberal Independent, and liberal Republicans and Democrats...
I hope people are not dumbed to realized this! They are hungry of power too! hungry like crazy cocodile................ I am 50 years old and I know the tricks in Politics as my country's politic system do not idffer from this socialist policies!


elizabeth, I have to agree with you. Although I am older than you, I think you will agree with me that all politicians lie.

But it's also true that nobody knows what the next president will do. They speak to their bases, make all kinds of promises, say stupid policy plans, because that gets them the votes.

Yes, THAT ONE has no experience, and he will be tapping the information a lot of people have, but I cannot see Cheney or Powell having any position in his cabinet, especially Cheney.

And yes, most American's can see where McCain's plans will lead this country. But no matter what, the next President has a whole bunch of big problems to solve, and it won't help us Americans if the wingnuts refuse to try to reach out to help solve the problems our country has.

And if McCain somehow is able to win/steal the election, the same thing goes. We, as Americans, need to work together to solve the problems. After the election, it's time for all of us to come together and support the new President.


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