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John McCain on Saturday Night Live November 1, 2008 - Campaign Strategy (Weekend Update)

During Senator McCain's appearance on Saturday Night Live November 1st he appeared during the news parody (Weekend Update), commenting on his "Reverse Maverick" and "Double Maverick" alternate strategies. He also mocks himself as the "Sad Grandpa"...

Senator McCain showed a lot of courage appearing on a comedy program that has mocked his Vice-Presidential candidate relentlessly over the last month, but I don't see the move as "Presidential" in any sense.

There was an air of desperation in his appearance. He didn't take any pies to the face or have his pants pulled down around his knees -- but if he had it wouldn't have been any worse.

See also:

And don't leave without seeing "MC Howie and Julie K Rock the Vote" - a rap video created by two Barack Obama fans that's awesome!


Update: Palin's appearance on SNL one week earlier pulled higher ratings (15 million viewers) than last night's episode which included an appearance by McCain (12 million viewers).

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John McCain is a real person vs all the phoniness of his opponent. For him to put himself out there on SNL just shows that he has the GUTS and can handle the pressure. For him to do this was absolutely an affirmation of how much he wants to serve the American people. O'bammy is an empty suit and will be defeated handily. Heck his wife KNOWS he's not even ready for the OVAL OFFICE!

Ron in Canada:

For the first time in the history of the United States a concession speech has been given on a late night comedy television show.

What a truly pathetic ending to a truly pathetic man.


what a turn-off. maybe it's just because i find nothing funny about him, but the humor came across as forced and the cast looked like they were being held hostage. looked like someone pulled a few strings to help mccain's campaign limp across the finish line.

i would say this guy didn't have a chance in hell, but 2004 taught me not to take anything for granted (although kerry wasn't exactly my pick either, i would have thought a monkey in a spacesuit could have beaten bush that year).

i'll be saying my prayers over the next 3 days.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

His internal polling told McCain it was a good idea to appear on SNL. It wasn't a good idea at all.

But his internal polling told him that picking Palin was the best choice for his campaign. It wasn't.

And his internal polling told him it was a good idea to "suspend his campaign and skip the debate to go fix Washington. It wasn't.

Now his internal polling is telling him that he has a chance to pull off an upset victory.

He doesn't... thanks to the many times he's followed his internal polling.

McCain shifts erratically from one tactic to the next. Never sticking to an overall strategy of how to get elected, just knee-jerk reacting from one silly mistake to another.

Standing on that SNL stage while comics mock your VP didn't win him any votes from the left or the right.

One mistake after another. Fortunately it appears he will not begin that same practice in the White House next January.

John McCain has probably gotten past the hard fact that he's going to lose big on election day with the only big drama whether he can hang on to both Indiana and Missouri or loses those states to Obama as well, and is crushed by a 375 to 163 electoral vote margin or not. Now he's resigned to just having a little fun. This election is over for McCain.


Paul, I hope this election is over for McCain, but you keep forgetting the caging of voters, flip/flop machines, etc.

The second biggest winner is going to be the lawyers raking in the money for all the lawsuits that will be coming over the election.

And the wicked witch had campaign signs that said FL is "Palin country." Not one mention of McCains's name on the signs. Wonder who got tossed under the bus there?

It is a terrible thing that McCain's new legacy will be that of Sad Grandpa instead of true American hero. Mr. McCain did alot of good things for the country and should be treated better. Oh well..

Good morning Allen. I personally expect a few right wing bloggers to complain that a few homeless persons who worked for ACORN somehow stole this election from them although this might only involve only a few votes here or there, as election officials caught these bad voter sign-up before any ballots were cast.

But I expect the Obama electoral victory to be wide enough that it will be outside the margin of reasonable doubt for most rational persons, excepting a few right wing bloggers who don't always live in reality land.


At least we got to see a "real" person, not one with a completely contrived background. I can't understand how so many people can be so mesmerized by someone who's past records are sealed and involves so many dubious characters and ideas that threaten our country. Evidently there are very few students of history in this country. Look up the quality of the economy and education in Chicago. Not too many seem to be concerned with answering to a higher power someday about pulling live babies in the womb apart or letting them die on a table in a cleaning room because they weren't perfect. This is definitely the ME generation. You want it all, whether it's right or wrong, and you want it now. I think you're going to get a lot more than you bargained for with Obama. And I thought George Carlin was too caustic when he said that "most people are too stupid to vote". Good luck.


If Obama gets in we are ALL screwed, you people are clueless if you actually think this man is going to be able to protect our country from Al-Qaeda & the Countries we have issues with... Mark my words, you will all see first hadn within the next year or so what the future will bring with Obama in office.....


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