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John McCain on Saturday Night Live (SNL) November 1, 2008 (VIDEO)

Senator John McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live November 1st in a skit that depicts the McCain campaign buying air time on QVC to counter Barack Obama's 30 minute infomercial which aired a few days ago. Cindy McCain appears as well.

McCain stands by smiling as Sarah Palin (portrayed by Tina Fey) is (figuratively) thrown under the McCain campaign bus. The joke is McCain and the joke is on Palin. McCain just comes across as extremely un-presidential, and next to the pathetically un-presidential "Palin" it's makes a matched set. McCain seems to endorse the comical mocking of Palin, including her Caribou Barbie wardrobe and her future (2012) presidential aspirations.

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And don't leave without seeing "MC Howie and Julie K Rock the Vote" - a rap video created by two Barack Obama fans that's awesome!


Update: Palin's appearance on SNL one week earlier pulled higher ratings (15 million viewers) than last night's episode which included an appearance by McCain (12 million viewers).

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McCain was excellent. I love the audience cheers for him and Cindy and the Tina Fey persona of Palin. He is real and comfortable with a great sense of humor. Unlike Obama who is stiff and always looks like he is afraid to say his next word because it might lose him more votes. It is about time that we put someone in Washington who is not a fraud or a political whore like Obama who took more money from Fannie Mae than most people make in a lifetime. Fannie Mae and the former CEO of Fannie Mae have lined Obama, Dodd, and B. Franks pockets with so much gold that the weight of it is bringing down the economies of the world. Obama will say or do whatever it takes to be president. Obama is all about Obama. He is arrogant, conceeded, and has becoming president as an end goal rather than the true goal of making the country a better stronger country. Anyone who would write in his own book the words [From Audacity of Hope]: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.' has no business being the president of the USA and should resign from the senate and go find a job with ACORN.

John McCain was actually better at comedy than he was this entire campaign. But Tina Fey was a little flat by comparison.


Most great leaders have a well placed sense of humor. Those leaders that don't have not been great but notorious. They accept no compromise of their well crafted image. McCain was terrific. It says a lot about a man who is comfortable with this. I think the audience really respected him and their laughter was not in the least denigrating. It is supposed to be comedy. And, by the way, you disarm your supercilious opponents somewhat when you show your human side like this. Nope, McCain doesn't look crotchety or rude here.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

In my view he's pandering for votes, and shows his willingness to have his airhead VP mocked if it'll buy him a few votes.

If they'd asked him to hold up a sign which read "Will allow my VP to be mocked in exchange for Votes" he would have, smiling broadly.


I have a feeling that despite what the MSM would like you to believe, McCain and Palin have an easier relationship than Obama and Biden. In the real world sometimes a friend will make a lighthearted joke about a quirk, mannerism, belief about another friend with respect and affection. That's what roasting is all about sometimes. There was nothing mean spirited in the skit. Last time I checked this is what SNL is all about. And I've read enough of you to know, Lee, that if McCain was scheduled to appear and he did not you would have called him a coward. Look, if I've learned anything this past year, it's who's got the thinnest skin in this campaign. McCain and Palin, win or lose have run the gauntlet and have fared admirably. Obama? And Biden, geesh, a satirical skit about him would be so close to reality it would be uncomfortable to watch.


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