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Another Biased Pundit Predicts an Obama Landslide

He's the most biased of them all, and so it's not surprising that he's picking Barack Obama as the winner of Tuesday Presidential election...

He must be biased if he's calling the election for Barack Obama, right? I mean everyone knows that McCain's secret sooper-dooper, super-spy internal polls show him winning the election with an upset victory - it's just the eeeeevil Mainstream Media types who are calling the election for Obama, right?

Isn't that what the right wing bloggers are saying?

Right...Well this pundit's name is Karl Rove - and he's predicting a landslide victory for Barack Obama.


Although North Carolina and Missouri are in a dead heat according to the latest polls Rove awards them to McCain in this scenario - but Obama still comes out on top.

And although Florida is in Obama's column Rove thinks Florida could swing for McCain. Even if it does McCain is way, way short.

Time to pass the fork, according to Karl Rove!

The final Rove & Co. electoral map of the 2008 election cycle points to a 338-200 Barack Obama electoral vote victory over John McCain tomorrow, the largest electoral margin since 1996. All remaining toss-up states have been allocated to the candidate leading in them, with Florida (27 EV) going to Obama, and Indiana (11 EV), Missouri (11 EV), North Carolina (15 EV), and North Dakota (3 EV) going to McCain. The two candidates are in a dead heat in Missouri and North Carolina, but they go to McCain because the most recent polls conducted over this past weekend show him narrowly ahead. Florida, too, could end up in McCain's column since he's benefited from recent movement in the state. Download this map.

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Just thought Lee would like to know:

A report has cleared Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of ethics violations in the firing of her public safety commissioner.

Released Monday, the report says there is no probable cause to believe Palin or any other state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in connection with the firing. The report was prepared by Timothy Petumenos, an independent counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The Personnel Board consists of Palin appointees.

Obviously it was rigged. You can tell by the fact that they chose an "election-eve announcement" that it's just another Republican stunt. Do you think the Palin appointees would have planned an election eve announcement if there was snowball's chance in hell that the decision would be against Palin?

And Kev, do you think Palin is going to lie about this finding also? lol

Palin's prior ethics conviction holds more weight. It came out of a bipartisan commission. But I see that doesn't stop Lorie Byrd from lying, claiming it was a partisan effort.

It's election eve - time for more lies and Republican stunts.


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