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Closing Polls Show Late Surge To Obama

Most Americans are ready for change, and the closing polls right before Tuesday's vote show a surge of undecided voters going for Senator Barack Obama, strengthening his bid to become the next president of the United States. CBS has a new poll out with a 54% to 41% lead for Senator Obama. And Gallup has a closing poll with Obama at 55% compared to John McCain's lagging 44%, with 1% splitting of for Independent candidate Ralph Nader or Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney or other minor party candidates.

Further good news for Obama is a poll out from NBC that has Obama leading by 15 points. by a 56% to 41% margin among those who have already voted, which probably well exceeds the reported 27 million or more ballots as of Saturday evening.

One the Sunday talk shows, the McCain campaign certainly tried to put a positive spin on the very difficult situation that they find themselves in 24 hours before their expected big loss. On FOX NEWS SUNDAY, for example, McCain's Campaign chairman, Rick Davis, claimed momentum was going in their direction, yet all polling evidence out this Monday morning before the election don't seem to back up these sentiments by Davis.

Perhaps Davis was merely attempting to keep the McCain supporters from becoming too discouraged to vote. About the only hope that the McCain Campaign may have is over-confidence by many would-be Obama supporters who may not vote. But the Obama Campaign probably has the finest get out the vote effort of any presidential campaign ever, and is entirely a different operation than the sloppy John Kerry effort of 2004.

The professionalism of the Obama Campaign is a good omen for an Obama Administration that will act with great professional as president, and will achieve real results. In October, for example the stock market lost 17% of it's value, leaving investors as well as retirees with a real sense of financial panic and loss. It is difficult problems such as this that make the need for change so vital.

Barack Obama is the change that America needs. America cannot afford a third Bush term with John McCain the anointed successor by none other than Dick Cheney. By contrast, the word "hope" comes to mind with a President Obama in charge.

Now the voters need to just do their part and vote. And they need to vote for change.

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"By contrast, the word "hope" comes to mind with a President Obama in charge."

Good Golly, I would hope the word "hope" comes to mind! Or else the programming has been in vain.


Is that the professionalism in managing the re-education camps, or the professionalism they'll show in running all of our records to see who's an EEEEVVVVIIIILLLL conservative/capitalist?


Steve, you are correct in the word hope. But please explain the programming crap you are spouting.

No matter which candidate wins, the major question is: how does this country pay down the debt Bush has put this country in? Care to clue a lot of people in on this?

Bush has done several things correct, and he has screwed up every thing else. Do we need four more years of Bush's bad decisions? That is why people have hope, hope for a change. That is programming? It's pure hope this country will change for the average American taxpayer.


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