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2008 Election Returns


Yes, We Did!

At 11:00 PM ET, the instant polls closed in the west, CNN officially called the election for Barack Obama.

Results as of 1:52 am ET. Updates in the morning:
U.S President - Popular Vote
Obama (D) 52% - WINNER
McCain (R) 46%

U.S. President - Electoral Vote
Obama (D) - 338 - WINNER
McCain (R) - 163
270 votes needed for presidency

And the earliest, earliest, earliest returns -- which in retrospect predicted the win for Obama -- came in just after midnight ET from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

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Look at the people cheering the Obamessiah's rise to the throne! The same Obamessiah that will soon CRUSH their very rights......unless of course they agree with him on everything.


Way to early for any one to enjoy or to cry. But McSlimey really screwed up wasting all that money in PA.

Right Erick, be afraid, very afraid! Gotta love it your Chrystal ball can look so far into the future. According to you, it does, so what is a real good stock to buy?

Mac Lorry:

I'm expect Obama will ask the nation to put aside politics and come together to support him, however, Bush did the same thing in 2004. If Obama does the same things Bush did then Obama can expect the same results Bush got. Take a look.


So what was the turnout in Ohio, anyway - 110, 120%?


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