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Tiny Rural New Hampshire Vote Proves Big Night For Obama Yet To Come

Russertmarkerboard.jpgIt's very sad that Tim Russert won't be able to see it, but this will be a big night in American electoral history. Only a little over 40 years ago, many African-Americans had to fight in the courts of America to even vote in some states. This morning, an African-American was not only able to vote, but to vote for himself for president of the United States. And the heart change in America has been so dramatic that in two tiny rural towns in New Hampshire that twice supported George Bush, voted overwhelmingly for Senator Barack Obama for president last night just after midnight. In tiny Dixville Notch, Mr. Obama won 15 votes to just 6 for John McCain. And in tiny Hart's Location, NH, Mr. Obama bested John McCain by 17 votes to 10, with 2 votes going for Ron Paul.

While this sample is indeed tiny, the microscopic 32 to 16 vote landslide is a sure sign that the values of Barack Obama have translated to residents of tiny rural towns well enough that Mr. Obama should have great appeal throughout America's larger towns, suburbs and cities this historic day, who will largely yearn for a change of direction for America.

Interestingly, in the January NH primary voting, Barack Obama won 7 of 10 Democratic votes, while John Edwards won 2, and Bill Richardson 1 vote. Hillary Clinton did not get any votes. Among Republican voters, John McCain won 4 votes, Mitt Romney won 2, and Rudy Giuliani won 1 vote, however this tiny NH town has trended Republican in every election since 1968, where Democratic Vice President Hubert Humphrey last won the vote in this tiny NH town. Interesting this tiny town added new voters who voted Democratic, a trend that should be witnessed around the nation tonight as many new young voters, Hispanic voters and African-American voters should join with the expected 122-130 million voters nationwide who will vote today.

The vote from the two tiny New Hampshire towns should be a pretty good sign of where this day will end, and that's with a big popular vote victory by Senator Barack Obama by 7 or more points, and an electoral college win in the 338 range or even higher. I only wish that both Tim Russert as well as my parents were alive today to witness this historic day.

Sadly, Barack Obama's beloved grandmother won't be able to witness his historic win either, but she made sure to cast her absentee ballot for her favorite grandson before her death in her native Hawaii. While Barack Obama is no doubt deeply sad today, he is also very hopeful for the huge task that tens of millions of American voters will entrust him with. It's a great day in American history.

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