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Palin Pranked by Radio DJ "Sarkozy" Phone Call Update

An update on the Sarah Palin prank phone call.

In the flood of background information now leaking out revealing the behind the scenes screw-ups and battles inside the McCain/Palin camp there is now more visibility into just how Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was so throughly and completely bamboozled by a couple of CKY radio DJs.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Palin denied that there were tensions with the McCain camp. But that is at odds with accounts from aides on both sides. The strain worsened, the aides said, after Palin was recorded talking to a Canadian comedian who pretended to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Campaign staffers said McCain's top aides were blindsided by the call, which they said was approved by Palin foreign policy aide Steve Biegun.

McCain aides said the Palin camp did notify McCain's senior staff or the State Department about the supposed contact. Outraged, Schmidt organized a conference call. He demanded to know who had arranged the call, and questioned why anyone would have agreed to such an unusual request and then failed to clear it with top staff, McCain aides said.

Biegun immediately took responsibility. In an interview Wednesday, he said some aides at McCain headquarters were in fact aware of the call, and that it had been on the schedule for "a couple days."

"I was fooled," he said. "No one's going to beat me up more than I beat myself up for setting up the governor like that."

Great that Palin foreign policy aide Steve Biegun is taking the bullet for setting this up, but why wasn't the State department notified of this?

Good friggn' grief, Palin certainly did "go rogue". Clearly she was a loose cannon on a sinking ship, no wonder McCain's camp was outraged.

McCain aides said the Palin camp did notify McCain's senior staff or the State Department about the supposed contact.

If the State Department had been pulled in before the call the prank never would have succeeded, but it succeeded simply because of Palin's rogueish staff's incompetence.

Airhead Barbie was allowed to perform international relations on her own... and the result is that she was thoroughly and completely humiliated by her staff's incompetence. You go Girl!

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