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More Revealed On Palin's Stupidity, Tantrums

I updated the Caribou Barbie Makeover story earlier yesterday, and now more is revealed showing that Palin was poorly vetted. She was wholly unprepared to assume office.


ABC's Charlie Gibson interview with Sarah Palin, where she revealed how clueless she was on foreign policy and the Bush Doctrine, was released September 10th, and it was the turning point. The Couric interviews came later. The Gibson interview was released 5 days before Lehman Brothers downfall that began the banking meltdown.

The Couric interview provided additional fodder, and once Saturday Night Live started their now famous Tina Fey satirical jabs at Palin the party was over.

Republican blogs who support Palin are pushing the notion that the economic meltdown was the McCain/Palin downfall -- not true. The drop in the polls came days before the meltdown hit the front pages.

But the most telling of the revelations are those that again underline the extent to which Palin was just flat-out unqualified - which also means she was poorly vetted by McCain.

FoxNews' Carl Cameron had the scoop on Palin angst for Shepherd Smith's show on Wednesday. Cameron has been traveling with the McCain campaign and said he had told the campaign he would hold the info. until after the election.

He said that McCain advisers told him they had no confidence in Palin from day one, based on a series of questions they asked her. To highlight two:

She did not know the three countries in NAFTA.

She did not know Africa was a continent, not a country.

Cameron said the advisers told him Palin flubbed a "whole host of questions that caused serious problems about her 'knowledgeability.'"

They additionally said she threw tantrums when she received bad press. They said she too often ignored her advisers.

They even leveled the dubious claim that she resisted coaching for the Katie Couric interview and thus walked straight into the debacle that, along with Tina Fey's impression, made her a laughingstock to all but her faithful base.

And now we know that Palin and McCain were apparently not even talking to each other at the campaign's end.

The miscommunication and quarrels between the two camps lasted into Tuesday night, said McCain aides familiar with the situation. Palin arrived at the Arizona Biltmore planning to deliver a speech before McCain's concession speech, they said, but was told by senior McCain aides Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter that it would not be appropriate.

Palin never discussed her plan to deliver a speech on election night with the McCain campaign heads? She just showed up planning to take the stage and say whatever she wanted to say?

But what's most telling is the fact that those who know her best, Steve Schmidt -- who is credited by some with pushing for Palin as the Veep choice in the first place - vetoed her speech.

Too bad they didn't figure all of this out before the convention. The election of John McCain failed with the nomination of Sarah Palin. The only question was "by how much."


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Comments (7)

Reader from the beginning:

Lori Byrd from your sister site is so consumed by ODS that she is double posting the same diary;




Even more funny, each diary has a slightly different rating!!

Funny to watch the wheels come off, then the axle breaks.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Lorie is clearly consumed by ODS these days. The anticipation and worry over the upcoming job report released this morning was the reason for the stock market decline over the last two days. The jobs reports is disaster, a national disaster. 1.2 million jobs -- disappeared under the Republican administration.

As I write this 30 minutes before the market opening the pre-opening stock market future indicators are up, signaling an upward move at the market when it opens this morning. That proves that the bad jobless news has to an extent at least already been factored into the stock market in the move down over the last two days.

Anyone who reads Lorie Byrd's postings looking for a accurate, factual, "un-spun" analysis of current events should have their head examined. But Lorie is often the first to admit in her posts that she doesn't understand economic matters. That's the case in her post this morning also, in my view.

The double-posting isn't Lorie's fault however. It's actually easy to do with the blogging software used by the Wizbang network sites. If you publish a post then use the browser "Back" key to go back and make an edit, when you hit save after editing you've published a second version of the post instead of just revising the original post.

I've done it myself, and it's not hard when you're used to using that "Back" key to step back in time.


Lee, sometime back I had mentioned that McCain was going to give a speech on a Sunday. That speech was about her vetting that wasn't done by his top staff.

He was told not to give that speech by his top aides because it would really screw up any chances he had to win.

I mentioned that before I found out it was going to be canceled, and my bad, I mentioned it right away. I did apologize to you in a later post.

You can also be sure that she will be back on the National Scene as the GOP poster girl, you betcha, wink, wink. Guess I'll have to start looking for a cure of PDS, huh?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

i remember when you made that remark, and I remember our exchange that followed.

Is there any evidence out there that I can get my hands on?

email me at

leewardblue at gmail dot com

if there is.

Thanks Allen!


Wow, Lee, a link to "FAUX News". Wait - let me guess - they're magically telling the truth now!

Funny, though, you seem to have missed this update:

Regarding another stinging criticism, Stapleton claims that the Fox News report Thursday -- that quoted unnamed sources inside the now defunct McCain campaign, saying Palin didn't know Africa is a continent -- was taken out of context.

Stapleton says that during a briefing session, someone asked Palin to explain the McCain-Palin stance on an issue, and as she was responding, "in the middle, she said, 'country of Africa' and somebody instantly wrote it down, and said, 'Oh, my God, she thinks it's a country.'"

But Stapleton insists, "She knows it's a continent. It was just a human mistake, just like Obama saying 57 states. I don't think anyone ever doubted that Obama knows there are 50 states."

And there's more:

Regarding the $150,000 worth of clothing the campaign bought Palin, Stapleton says a New York stylist was given a blank check and told to go and make Palin look presidential.

According to Stapleton, Palin saw a price tag of $3,500 on one outfit and said she didn't want to wear it. Stapleton says Palin was simply presented with her wardrobe and staff. Palin was told "here's your people, here are your clothes."


According to Stapleton, the campaign said, "'this is what you need as a VP candidate.' It was the campaign and/or the RNC ... But it wasn't the governor saying this is what she needs."

I think your side needs a "truthiness" filter badly.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Meg Stapleton is Palins' spokesperson.

"I think your side needs a "truthiness" filter badly."

MY side? All of these leaks have been from McCain campaign staff... so the correct question is which Republican is lying.

And finally, your linked report is not an "update" to the information I cited. It's a separate rebuttal from a Palin campaign staffer.

Like I said -- which Republican is lying? You tell me -- but also tell me how you know which one is lying.


Ref #4. Lee, I am unable to link you to any source of that. However, I gave my word that I would not mention who told me this. He/she is the same source who told me that Joe the Plumber was related to Keating. That proved to be true, right or wrong?

Since the same person gave me correct info before, I have no reason to think that person is now lying. Like I said, (my bad) I posted what I did before I was contacted again with the whole story. I jumped the gun on that, and I know I won't do that again.

When I say something like that, I know that sooner rather than later, I will be proven correct. And it doesn't matter what political party a person belongs to. I will spill information on all the crooks we elect.


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