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Obama Team Launches Transition Website


Throughout the Presidential Transition Project, this website will be your source for the latest news, events, and announcements so that you can follow the setting up of the Obama Administration. And just as this historic campaign was, from the beginning, about you -- the transition process will offer you opportunities to participate in redefining our government.

Want to work on the transition team? Apply here.

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I saw where he has picked his chief of staff, and wouldn't you know, it scares the GOP so much that they are already complaining. We had almost 8 years of GOP rule, economy driven into the ground by Bush, foreign affairs screwed up by Bush, and the GOP is complaining about who Obama picks for his White House advisers.

Christ on a crutch, what is it going to take the GOP to realize, not only did they screw the pooch for 8 years, but they LOST? And watch them all say it's the Demo's fault.

Well the voter's have seen through that BS, and now it's the Demo's time, again, to clean up the GOP mess. And the majority of what's left of the GOP in Congress will hinder every thing Obama try's to do to get the economic scene working for us Americans.

We really needed McCain/Paulin to win, that way when everyone was screwed, except the ultra rich, maybe they would wake up. But that didn't happen, so in the meantime you have the poor losers complaining.


Allen, the reason why conservatives aren't thrilled with Obama's chief of staff pick can be summed up in one phrase by the new chief of staff himself-- in regard to Republicans: "Fu*k 'em." For an administration that claims it will be representing all Americans, that's a pretty divisive pick.

Right now there are pretty much two factions of conservatives: those who are trying to believe that Obama will follow through and represent them, and those who think Obama's a liar and thus will treat Obama's administration like the left has treated Bush the last 8 years.

The first group is feeling less hopeful every day. It's early yet, but Obama's first pick, and other names floating around, don't appear to be on par with the promises Obama has made. Conservatives do understand that this is a Democrat administration, but with the horribly divided political atmosphere in this country right now, they are having little hope that things will "change" as promised.

The second group is that group who will point out each and every gaffe, lie, flaw, and failure the Obama adminstration will make. This is the group who will be militant, who will, as I said, treat Obama and his supporters the same way Bush and Bush's supporters have been treated the last 8 years. There's an attitude on the left that expects Republicans are now supposed to roll over and die. It's not going to happen. The Left cannot expect that an Obama victory will undo all the hatred and venom that many on the left have shown those on the right these last 8 years. They can't expect that holding up little signs that say, "Let's vow to be kinder, gentler, and more understanding to each other!" will heal the rifts that have grown-- liberals certainly didn't bother to try to be those things before now. Nor can they expect what you're apprently expecting, Allen: "WE won, YOU lost, so you BETTER just SUCK IT UP and COMPLY with what WE are saying and doing!!"


Kev, very interesting observation you have made, and in a lot of ways you are correct. But when the VP tells a Senator "F*ck You" and then brags about good it felt to say that, well, I guess you can see what goes around comes around.

I am not exactly sure what the Chief of Staff to POTUS does, I thought that that person more or less was in charge of the White House Staff. If that is the case, then what is the uproar about.

I guess we will have to wait and see what Obama does, as none of us have crystal balls to see into the future. And yes, Obama and McCain, like all other politicians are liars. That's a proven fact.

And Kev, one last question that I have, what year was it when he told the GOP to screw themselves? Just curious.


The duties of the White House Chief of Staff vary greatly from one administration to another. However, the chief of staff has been responsible for overseeing the actions of the White House staff, managing the president's schedule, and deciding who is allowed to meet with the president. Because of these duties, the Chief of Staff has at various times been dubbed "The Gatekeeper" and "The Co-President".

The White House Chief of Staff is the second highest-ranking member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States and a senior aide to the President.

Joe Reid:

Obama is just like a new toy on the shelf at Christmas time....Once you take it out of its wrapping paper and play with it for a while, the new will wear off and you idiots will see just haw screwed this country is now with him in office. He has his own aganda and doens't give a damn about anybody but himself...
So tell me all you democrats out there...how in the world does he plan on paying for all these BS progams he proposes...oh, that's right...he's not...WE ARE...because he's gonna tax us to death...He's gonna put small businesses out of business by FORCING them to give health insurance to everybody....and substandard care it will be ...look at socialized medicine in Canada and Europe...it sucks...He continues to lie by saying he supports the 2nd amendment...don't believe it...he WANTS YOUR GUNS....He want's to "spread the wealth"....Mmmmm...that kinda sounds like he wants to take money out of my pocket and give it to somebody that doesn't deserve it like the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS he wants to give amnesty to and give them my social security money. The only "change" your gonna see is the change thats left in your pocket after all the DOLLAR BILLS are gone becasue that's all he's gonna leave ya.
He's is absolutely the worst thing thats ever happened to this country in my lifetime....besides Bill Clinton, the godfather of the democratic party, lying to all of us about screwing that ugly chick in the white house...oh that's right, there's 2 of them including hillary.
I've fought and bled for this country in Iraq and I just can't believe that there's this many stupid people in this country that would elect something like him. He was too good to serve in the military I guess...hell, he won't even produce a REAL birth certificate that he was ordered to produce by a federal judge !!!!! He must truly believe that he's above the law...
Well folks....I hope you enjoy your little ride here because pretty soon all hell's gonna break loose and the shit's gonna hit the fan...then look at yourself in the mirror and say "Holy shit...what have we done?"""


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