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Republican Frontrunners for 2012

Newsweek ran a poll which they released October 23, 2008 which asked Republicans who they'd favor for President in 2012 if McCain lost in 2008. The results suggest that Sarah Palin is not the favorite her followers would like you to think she is.

If John McCain is not elected president, which one of the following three possible candidates would you be most likely to support for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012?

Mitt Romney 35%
Mike Huckabee 26%
Sarah Palin 20%

That was before McCain lost, and before further revelations exposed additional information regarding Palin's poor qualifications. The poll differentiates, splitting the Republicans into two groups -- "Traditional Republicans" and "Social Issue Republicans."

The social issue group actually picked Huckabee as their top choice (31%), with Romney a close second (29%) and Palin pulled 21%. Among the "Traditional Republicans" Romney was way out in front with 42%, followed by Huckabee (23%) and Palin (19%).

Newsweek poll results (pdf - see question #21 on page 15)

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We should remember that Palin herself has not expressed interest in running.

Another term as Alaska's governor, or a special Senate election that would replace corruptocrat Ted Stevens with Palin, are the two most likely things that Sarah Palin will be doing during the next four years. A Senate seat would surely give Palin much more public exposure. It would also be interesting to see Palin interact with Hillary Clinton. And if the Democrat Senate leadership treated Senator Palin like dirt it would only boost her standing among the general public. People generally support underdogs.

I'm still not sure why Huckabee has so much support. Outside of a rather insulated group of hardcore social conservatives, he polls rather poorly. He could never capture the general electorate.

Mike in Oregon:

I have it from anonymous sources that Barack Obama likes to wear lipstick and dresses, and he had to be shown a map of the USA to locate the state of Oregon. Is that the type of "further revelations" you're talking about?


Huckabee is awesome. He has the charisma as well as the wits to take the general election with the proper VP pick. Watch Huckabee on sun nights and you will start to get a glimpse of why he should be the pick.


I really do not think the Republican Candidate for 2012 has surfaced as of yet. Those that may be coming to the front, have not committed.

Mr.Romney and Mr.Huckabee are carrying way too much baggage, especially for the younger voters. Mrs. Palin does have a chance, depending on how hard she is willing to work to associate with the younger America.

And on another note,

Why did Mr. McCain choose not to pick Colin Powell, Or Condoleeza Rice as a Vice President?
Either could have been a staunch and brisk walk to the White House for Republicans...

If Mr. Obama is a successful president , then likely it won't matter very much who the GOP nominee is. In 2008, Mr. Obama won by nearly 8 million votes, as well as an electoral vote landslide. In 2012, an Obama re-election might be worse yet for Republicans as long as his presidency does not go the way of Jimmy Carter where problems become too large for the leadership of the White House to handle. But make no mistake, the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and many other issues could prove giant in scope, and make this a very difficult and challenging presidency for Barack Obama.


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