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America 2.0 - A Look at a Few of the Winners and Losers in the 2008 Election

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More on the right wing effort to blame the Mainstream Media for the failure of the GOP later, but first let's talk about the winners before addressing the losers...

The pollster that nailed the election is... FiveThirtyEight. Andrew Sullivan applauds and comments:

The only state their model got wrong was Indiana, where they expected a narrow Obama loss. He won the state by a hair. Nate Silver owned this election on the polling front: one young guy with a background in baseball stats beat out the mainstream media in a couple of months. And he beat out the old web: I mean if you consider the total joke of Drudge's recent coverage and compare it with Silver's, you realize that the web is a brutal competitive medium where only the best survive - and they are only as good as their last few posts.

If you want to know why newspapers are dying: that's why. They're just not as good as the web at its best. This election proved that beyond any doubt. For the record, I think the WSJ and the WaPo and the NYT and the Anchorage Daily News rocked in this election. Most of the rest of the old media: not so much.

I'd add the Dallas Morning News to that list, and Newsweek and CNN were exemplar in their coverage as well, with TIME and the folks at Politico close behind...

So it's with pleasure that we can now give hearty kudos to pollster Silver and an equally hearty flatulent adios to Drudge and the right wng blogopshere. Just as the Republican Party is badly in need of reinventing itself so does the right wing internet media.

As was expected, the hate-filled right wing bloggers pounded away at the MSM with their "In the tank for Obama" hammer in an effort to discredit credible news sources, and then would breathlessly link to Drudge-generated faux stories with bold red breaking news headlines.


Right wingers did their best to discredit factual reporting and astonishingly accurate polling in order to inject their own biased reporting and spin in its place. They wanted you to believe that you absolutely could not believe anything the MSM was telling you -- you had to listen to them and Drudge and Fox News to get the true story on the socialist terrorists who were attempting to take over "the Real America."

With Obama's election a new brand has emerged -- "The Democratic Party 2.0" gets the gold medal. The Republicans must now undertake the task of reinventing themselves. The fact that they continue to lie and blame their favorite scapegoat the MSM as a means to minimize their own failed efforts shows they've learned nothing.


And while conservatives continue to rule hate-talk radio, the progressive movement clearly dominates the Internet. Even the election night TV ratings for Fox News showed their decline with Fox News Channel viewership way down the list, far behind ABC, CNN, and even MSNBC.

Conservative media is failing... Fox News and WSJ parent-company News Corp slashed profit estimates the day after the election and was rewarded with an instant 20% decline in its stock price as a result, and Rush Limbaugh's gravitas is nowhere near the levels it was in the 2004 election. Their audience is shrinking, and right wing internet media is no longer a force in American political discourse.

Michelle Malkin lurked in the shadows throughout the final months of the campaign, and Rush Limbaugh no longer has anything resembling anything near the gravitas he had in the 2006 election.

So Kudos to the 2008 winners, and hasta la vista baby to the losers. It's time to reinvent yourself or die a slow death, my conservative media-type friends. Welcome to America 2.0.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Lee, both sides have their hate type radio programs, same as the TV. And both sides are losing their listeners. Mainly because the average American is tired of the hate BS being put out by them.

Most newspapers are in decline all over the US. And yes, it is because of the internet. I can read news stories and one to two days later it appears in the paper here.

Also most newspapers, depending on the owner, slant the political BS in their direction, without regarding the makeup of the people who purchase said paper.

Like now, Rush Limpdick is going after fellow GOP people. Some of the GOP shrills are eating their own, what a laugh. I guess this is one election that they couldn't steal. Can hardly wait for the GOP lawsuits against the electronic voting machine companies for breach of contract.

Yes, the next four years are going to be very interesting. I hope our country will get back to being/having equal justice as the rule of law requires. To do that, everyone in the Justice Dept that was hired after 20 Jan. 2001, has to be fired. No more political zealots, who take an oath to the president, instead of an oath about the constitution should be hired.

At least our president elect won't call our Constitution a "goddamn piece of paper." Unlike someone we know did!


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