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Mike Huckabee: Barack Obama, My President

Mike Huckabee: Barack Obama, My President

It's no secret that I personally supported John McCain for president. I agreed with him on core issues and he and I are in the same party, but I also truly believe he's an extraordinary and honorable American hero.

I campaigned hard for him -- to the point of losing my voice in fact. But Americans elected Barack Obama and it's time to put the election behind us and the country in front of us.

Barack Obama wasn't my choice, but come January 20, he will be my president. I will pray for him and his family. I want him to be successful in leading our country.

I will not seek to see all of his faults and none of his qualities.

Some of President Bush's harsh critics went beyond loyal opposition and engaged in angry, vile and mean-spirited hate.

Those of us who found that kind of attitude and behavior despicable can hardly engage in similar conduct toward a President Obama.

We can show our true patriotism conducting ourselves in the way that we wanted people to have treated President Bush.

In my lifetime, I saw the revolting and repulsive indignities of racism manifested in people of color being subjected to separate schools, waiting rooms, seating areas in theaters and water fountains.

It's an embarrassing part of our nation's history that we can never ignore. The evil, selfish -- yes, sinful -- treatment of other Americans because of color cannot be erased. But we can all celebrate that on this Election Day, a man was elected to live in the White House who 50 years ago would have at best been able to serve coffee there.

It means that when mothers put their children to bed, they will be able to tell them that there are no limits to their opportunities in America and young black children will be able to know that their pathway to the top is not necessarily limited to sports or entertainment, but might be through education, hard work and public service.

Surely, even the most partisan Republican can appreciate that.

If Barack Obama pushes tax increases, indifference to the sanctity of life or same sex marriages, I'll strongly and loudly disagree. But I will still show him the respect that he has earned having been elected president of the United States.

Yes, my president.

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Comments (10)


Very encouraging to hear!


Certainly a welcome change from the "he's not MY President" bile of the last 8 years.

Lee Ward:

You mean this bile?

Mike Huckabee can be a role model for gentlemanly disagreement and a return to civility in politics when he wants to be. Compared to an image of a "pitbull in lipstick" by some, gentlemanly disagreement is the more proper and civil path to follow now that the highly divisive election is over.

I can understand that a religious personality like Huckabee continues to be concerned about the sanctity of life, while others consider the right of women to self-determine for themselves is valued right for others. This is a difficult divide here. But likely most issues that unite most Americans are not as volatile here, where getting the economy back on track will dominate the agenda, not some issues like abortion where the current Supreme Court will still decide most of the cases related to this complex moral issue. However, I don't understand why some like Huckabee continue to see opposition to Gay marriage on such a high level as they do. This issue certainly does not involve the same serious life or death, morality issues that dominate the abortion debate, and instead involves the issue of persons being allowed to best live their own lives and love interests as they see fit, and the argument that Gay marriage somehow hurts traditional marriage seems sort of weak to me.

Some of the moral issues that conservatives seem to champion sometimes defy reasoning for me though. The George Bush Justice Department has been targeting a few Internet sites at random on criminal obscenity charges for example, mainly to satisfy a few religious right personalities within the Bush Administration. A California adult oriented website operator was recently charged and convicted in a Florida court with several obscenity offenses for operating a website not much different than most other adult entertainment sites. He now has been sentenced to over 40 months in prison and tens of thousands in fines. His website has been forfeited to the federal government.

What is troubling is that some religious right Justice Department officials appointed by Bush deliberately sought out a conservative community to charge a California Website operator with obscenity crimes, whereas this same Website exists for the entire world elsewhere with no problems so far. And instead of the content in question being taken as a whole, such as the Miller Test demands, only a few scenes from some films were allowed to be presented by the prosecution to a jury. And in order to be in violation of federal laws, the Website had to be found in violation of the local "community standards" in just one conservative Florida community, which seems like an absurd standard since some states such as Alaska, Oregon, Maine and some other states do not even have any state obscenity laws on the books or the laws were long ruled as unconstitutional by the courts. At random, a single outrageous website was targeted for prosecution out of thousands of similar websites simply to satisfy the passions of the religious right just to prosecute someone, any one. It is when the religious right pursues mean-spirited extremist crusades such as this that imprison persons at random as political prisoners of the state that really concerns me the most. Sometimes the religious right likes to hang a few heads on a wall as trophies of some losing fight they are engaged in with cultural liberalism like this outrageous case.

Part of the reasoning for prosecuting a single website at random out of thousands that exist of a similar nature for cultural "crime" charges like obscenity, where the standards vary from community to community with no and fixed set national standards, seems to be for the religious right to intimidate other website operators that they could be next in line for prosecution and create enough fear to force them out of business. This used to be called extortion at one time. And obscenity standards change over time as well. What brought comic Lenny Bruce several New York City arrests in the 1960's would hardly do the same for most comics these days. Even many popular men's magazines now show some sexual penetration, which is something unheard of from the days of the past decades when most were merely a weak competitor for industry leader PLAYBOY with only centerfold models. It seems difficult for many websites to cross a line that brings them legal prosecution, however the Bush Administration and their religious right supporters had made a good attempt to roll back freedom of expression on the Internet as they could with a few convictions of a few websites here and there. Most persons could care less that some tasteless websites exist. I only care when someone goes to prison for a free speech "crime" myself, because I wonder how such a "crime" can really exist given the clear wording of the First Amendment and given the worldwide nature of the Internet where it cannot really be legislated from town to town like other local ordinance issues. Certainly some websites are pure crap. But are they crimes? But to the religious right like the Mike Huckabee's it's a big moral issue thing.

Mike Huckabee sometimes seems like a reasonable man. Other times he can be a mean-spirited member of the hard right with cutting comments. In the long run, it would be better if the more civil Mike Huckabee shows up, but I doubt that he always will. The religious right in general isn't always either reasonable or forgiving. They hate change. And some things like freedom of expression on the Internet, Gay marriage or other culture shock issues for them seem to horrify them. In that way, Huckabee is just another one of them.


It just kills you guys, doesn't it, that the behavior of the left these last years is going to make it obscenely easy to take the high ground with Obama... as obscenely easy as saying, yes, he's MY president.

Of course he's MY president... but he sure is stupid to play around with Poland.

Of course he's MY president... but if he expects to require "community service" to graduate college he's got another thing coming.

Of course he's MY president... but...


Synova, yes same as Bush was our President, Obama will also be our President, and it's up to the individual who will help him or hinder him.

So what's your choice. First, I want to see what he is doing, not the BS from the right or left, but to actually see what he does.

Then bitch if he isn't doing the right thing for our Country. Not your country nor my country, but our country as a whole. Can you give him the benefit of doubt, or are you like the rest of the necons who can't/won't?

James H:

I disagree with everything Huckabee stands for, but the man does have class.

Spurwing Plover:



Spunwing Plover, they have a cure for your problem, it's called cranium/rectal surgery.


Ha Ha Ha! There you go right there Allen, way to show YOUR class, or in this case, definite lack thereof. How was the Koolaid anyway?


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