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Bill Ayers Interview on Good Morning America (video)

Bill Ayers appeared on Good Morning America this morning. Here's the video:

Just two days ago Sarah "I can see the moon from my front porch so I'm an astronomer" Palin was wondering out loud about Obama's association with Ayers.

From this interview it's clear there is and never was a relationship of any sort painted by the fear mongering Palin, who chose to run her campaign telling lies about Obama rather than run on her own merits and non-existent qualifications.

Ayers says that Obama appearance in his home at a campaign coffee was one of dozens of appearances Obama made that same day. This was not the case painted by Sarah "Neiman Marcus Here we Come" Palin, who talked about Obama launching his political career in Ayers' living room.

But lying is all that the bankrupt Republican party has left, so I have no doubt that the right wing lie machine will not slow down one bit. The Republican party is sinking further into the crapper, and soon even that unlicensed, tax-dodging plumber from Toledo won't be able to bail them out.

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Comments (3)


Lee, the GOP had no platform to run on this time, except for theft of the US Treasury. Yep the Grand Old Party took all they could, and then left it to the Demo's again to pull the country out of a hole.

After bailing out all their fat cat buddies on Wall Street, they are dead set against helping the average taxpayer.

From the way it sounds, there is going to be huge layoffs from all different kinds of business, and that is just the tip of the ice berg.When/if any industry is bailed out, there has to be some very stringent guidelines along with the money.

And all the wingnuts who try and blame the Demo's for all of this (because they had control for last two years in Congress) really are stupid, they are the same ones who Knows what Obama is going to be doing.

But as you said, they have nothing left to offer this country, except more trickle down BS that doesn't work. It's going to get a lot worse before the economy starts pulling it's self back together.


So if Palin says it, it must be a lie, but if morally pure, upstanding citizen William Ayers says it, then it must be true? What a laugh. If you can't take a bomb-thrower's word for it, who can you trust? If only Ayers had clarified all this before the election, he would have stolen all of Palin's thunder.

And, Allen, I haven't heard any "wingnut" saying that the Dems are to blame "because they had control for last two years in Congress" - what I hear is that the Dems SHARE a large part of the blame because of their push to force banks to loan to unqualified buyers. And when they were warned about the consequences by the Republicans, they dug in their heals. So Fannie and Freddie failed and became the first domino.

I really wish I had your confidence and blind faith in the Dems - then I could actually believe that there will possibly be "very stringent guidelines along with the money." Come on... these are politicians, red and blue alike, who are throwing money left and right. They don't even have the ability to track accurately what's been spent so far, much less impose guidelines and then follow up on them.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I take Barack Obama (who was there) and William Ayers (who was there) word for it.

Sarah "I was Against the Bridge to Nowhere - Oh, Wait, No I Wasn't" Palin has been proven to be a lying opportunist. America saw through her lies and shut down the Republican ticket because of it.


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