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Romney Palin in 2012

Just registering and bookmarking my prediction for the 2012 Republican Presidential ticket.

Prediction: Despite dismal performances in the Republican primary debates, Sarah Palin loyalists mount a pressing effort to get her onto the ticket as Romney's VP. Being the shape-shifting, spineless worm he is Romney agrees.

Bonus Prediction:

Romney/Palin loses to Obama/Biden by 20-30 electoral votes.

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That's a weak over under on the 2012 race.

If you're going to handicap the race put some real numbers out there. Or just link Intrade.

My best guess is that voters will give Barack Obama 8 years to reshape America, and 2012 will be a worse blowout of the Republicans than 2008. Obama will win a few more states such as Missouri and garner a larger margin than this big 2008 win by over 8 million votes.

But Democrats in congress need to show some results or else suffer a setback in 2010 with the voters. The public will reward real results with the economy or else punish poor results. Obama looks good for eight years, but the Democratic congress less so. It all depends on the results. But conditions are similar to the Great Depression right now with Roosevelt and the Democrats, so they have a golden opportunity they need not to blow.


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