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Bush the Bully Shunned and Disgraced

It's a proud day for America when our President is recognized for his achievements on the world stage...

Rick Sanchez at CNN reporting.

Update: CNN offers this explanation for the apparent snubbing:

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Comments (5)


Should retitle this:

"Lee Ward the idiot, the hyper idiot, shamed."


"Context? Context? What's that? Never heard of it."

If things tighten up at CNN, Rick Sanchez looks like a perfect choice for the MSDNC propaganda team. I bet Chris Matthews' leg is already tingling.


This is precious!

It's nice to see Bush's people actually standing up against the predominant manufactured narrative against him. So the CNN cameraman obviously had been there earlier in the day - and that leaves me with two questions:
How did the original story get the editing to show a snub?
And what in the world made CNN decide to run the second video?

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"How did the original story get the editing to show a snub?"

Without the further context, that's exactly what appears to be happening - that Bush is being snubbed. I'm not so sure that isn't the case to some degree.

All things being equal, if you replaced Bush with Obama in the situation the reaction would have been different, I'm sure.

"And what in the world made CNN decide to run the second video?'

It's what any mainstream news outfit (besides Fox) and what any self-respecting blogger would do. Perhaps you've just read right wing blogs for so long you've been brainwashed into thinking otherwise.

The "we're a victim of the media" crap is just another pathetic excuse from Republican whiners who, fortunately for Democrats, continue to speak for the party. I'm hoping it continues for at least 23 more months...it'll help insure further Democratic gains in the 2010 elections. The less time Republicans spend fixing their faults the better it is for Democrats.

Right wing bloggers who kept complaining that hte pre-election polls were lying is a perfect example of that -- instead of correctly analyzing the landslide victory that was being predicted by the polls, they claimed the polls were lying instead.

There was plenty of time in the last 6 weeks of the election to extend efforts into those demographic pockets that were sliding into Obama's camp -- but instead these right wing liars pretended the polls were wrong... Ooops, they weren't.

Oh, Lee. This really makes you look crazy. There is an actual answer to a manufactured story and still you deny it.

But, there is hope. You didn't call Bush a dork...this time.


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