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Huckabee Blames GOP for Election Losses


Well, at least there is one Republican leader with a modicum of integrity:

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee had a message for his party's leadership, still licking its wounds after the November election, as he headed for Cincinnati on Tuesday for a book-signing session: Quit blaming others, and look at yourselves.

"You hear these Republicans bragging about not raising taxes, when they've been spending out of control, racking up huge deficits and then kicking the can down the road," the former Arkansas governor told The Enquirer, calling from the bus that is taking him on a 56-city tour to promote his new book[...]

Huckabee told The Enquirer that eight years of a Republican in the White House -- with Republicans in charge of Congress for six of those eight years -- produced nothing but record deficits and bigger government.

"Republicans didn't lose because they were social conservatives," said Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher who won the Iowa caucuses in January. "They lost because they have been irresponsible with the taxpayers' money."

That fact, Huckabee said, doomed GOP nominee John McCain and Republicans running for Congress from one end of the country to the other.

"If you advertise one thing and you deliver another, people are going to start reaching for another product off the shelf," he said.

Huckabee said that while "the headwinds were strong against Republicans" in 2008, he thinks McCain had a chance until he suspended his campaign in September to return to Washington to help fashion a Wall Street bailout package.

"That turned off the base, who didn't think it was right," Huckabee said.[...]

His book was written before McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate; and it now appears that Palin and Huckabee -- along with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney -- could become rivals in the next presidential election cycle.

Palin appeals to the same social conservatives who flocked to Huckabee's campaign earlier this year. Tuesday, he gave her credit "for bringing a lot of enthusiasm to the party; she excited the base."

She also contributed greatly to McCain's loss by turning off a huge number of moderates.

But just as the majority of Republicans continue to blame others for the huge losses a month ago, they also refuse to acknowledge or even recognize the disastrous choice of Sarah Palin as Veep.

Palin's ego wrote a $150,000 check that the voters bounced right back at her. The disastrous interviews revealed her simple-mindedness and propensity for lying when caught in the headlights, and in the end the steady trumpet of "Joe the Plumber's opinions" & "Obama's a Socialist who Pals with Terrorists" demonstrated that there really wasn't a platform for McCain and Palin to run on other than "don't elect That One."

Huckabee knows the GOP made mistakes. Fortunately for us Democrats the egos involved will never admit it.

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Comments (6)


Lee, you and many other people on the left are very mistaken about Palin. She is not dumb, in fact she is very smart about getting elected.

Plus she is a very good looking woman, beholden to none, and that really gets the lefties mad. Go ahead and keep trashing her, it makes you look like a leftie that can't see the manure due to the pile in front of you.

Personally I think she would be a disaster for becoming our President, but not for the reasons you keep spouting. She, like almost all the GOP are looking to fill their and their buddies wallets full at our expense. This bail out of Wall Street proves it.

The GOP, not Palin spent the money on her clothes. If her clothes were good enough to get her elected in Alaska, they were good enough for the lower 48 states. But the GOP decided to dress her up, hence the Barbie Doll effect.

Get over it, the more you trash her, the more people are going to look at her, and decide that the lefties are really screwed up. She alone, will shoot herself in the foot, she doesn't need the lefties help.

Lee Ward:

Palin's polling dropped steadily from the day McCain announced her as his Veep. The closer you get to her, and the more people know about her the scarier she gets.

She truly is a simple-minded person, Allen, and by the time 2011 rolls around she'll be worthless as a candidate.


OK, lets put aside this almost macabre fixation you have on Palin, close to being a stalker quite frankly. So, let's say she herself will flame out by 2011. What is it about her that DID attract all those people? What did people project on her or want to feel about her that you feel they will be found mistaken? Pro-life? Everyday American outside the Beltway as a savvy maverick in her own party? Clearly whatever there will be people looking for it in the next presidential election and I think that is perhaps even more important than just this one person. I am aware from your past posts that there is no one McCain could have nominated as his running mate (maybe Hillary?) that would have led you to vote Republican. May I pry and ask if you ever have voted for a Republican for president?


"What is it about her that DID attract all those people?"

She's not an intellectual, and some people fear intellectuals.

"What did people project on her or want to feel about her that you feel they will be found mistaken?"

She's an idiot, Dave. She's not qualified to hold the office of President of Vice-President.


There are a number of voters who would vote for Palin, despite her low IQ, simply on that basis alone.

"Everyday American outside the Beltway as a savvy maverick in her own party?"

She's not savvy. She's a political opportunist - in the words of the McCain staffers who know here better than you and me she's a "wacko Diva." She thinks dressing up in designer fashions and calling the Democratic candidate a "socialist who pals with terrorists" make her electable -- that's this disdain she holds for Americans.

But you're right, sometimes I'm not fair to Sarah Palin, and I suppose writing that she holds Americans in disdain isn't fair. The plain, simple fact is that Sarah Palin is too stupid to know how unqualified she is.

We had a personable, likable, folksy idiot in the White House for 8 years. That was enough.


I guess if she really, really wants to remain a serious candidate for high national office she now has a taste of what it is like and she now has plenty of time to bone up on any and everything as far as the issues go. So, 3 to 4 years from now, "not having time to prepare" will no longer be an excuse even for me. I certainly liked her this go around but the same naive performance on the issues 3 to 4 years from now will turn me off. I still can't but help think that the Republican Party took notice that she did have an enthusiastic following and the Republicans will need to continue to need that voting bloc. I gotta also tell you that I don't know how much credence to place on the complaints about her from McCain staffers. I think his staff has no basis to complain because I think they did a terrible job in running his campaign. Also, McCain seemed much more energized when he was sharing the speaking stage with Palin. I think he fed on the energy her crowds projected.

Lee Ward:

"I guess if she really, really wants to remain a serious candidate for high national office she now has a taste of what it is like and she now has plenty of time to bone up on any and everything as far as the issues go."

Yes, she can study and learn her lines, and practice in front of a mirror until she can lie without being so obvious, but it's still a lie, Dave. In my view she's not smart enough to hold the office of President.

And I'm not referring to "book-learning" smart or the kind of "smart" that comes from boning up on the issues - she not intelligent enough.

According to McCain folks she refused preparation assistance before the Katie Couric interview -- that's stupid.

It reveals a stupidity that makes her unqualified for the job. She refused help she needed in order to do a better job. She was angry about the way she was handed, and refused help in preparing for important tasks. That reveals tons about her...

That's just plain dumb. She went into the Couric interview wholly unprepared and she blew it - but revealed herself in the process, thank God.

Yes, she has a following, and yes -- they would follow her right off the cliff. But she's not going to lead the nation off a cliff, not on my watch ;)


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