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Fox News Election Coverage Revisited

With distance comes clarity.

The Fox anchor is so in the tank for McCain. Her hatred and vitriol reveals her lack of objectivity, and yet she continues to spew the Fox line that they are "fair and balanced," as she attempts to silence Obama's spokesman.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton does an excellent job of exposing just how shallow Fox is -- and just how much they were promoting McCain over Obama. In their intro to this news story and in their text graphics on the lower part of the screen Fox News promoted their own message, as fed to them by right wing pundits like Drudge, which had no relation to the actual comments being made by Sen. McCain.

Fox News had their agenda - and they used a live shot of John McCain to promote that agenda.

They weren't reporting the news, they were making it up.

The producer of the video, Liberal Viewer, comments:

Barack Obama's spokesperson Bill Burton skewers Megyn Kelly on Fox News for the Fox News bias earlier in the morning promoting John McCain talking points via the Drudge Report as I show with the clips in this video.

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First off, Drudge isn't a pundit. He provides links to other sources, and that's it. Second, while Obama's 2001 interview was available on a Chicago radio station's website, nobody knew it. I'd be surprised if the people at the radio station even knew a 7 year old interview was still there. As the Fox News babe clearly said, it was new to the newscycle, to the circulation among the networks. If someone brings something to your attention that you weren't aware of before, it's new to you. Third, if you want me to watch an 8 minute video, get somebody besides Monotone Man to do the voiceover. You could even get a hack like Chris Matthews - he's at least familiar with inflection.

Lee Ward:

lol I agree about the monotone.

But Monotone Mo's point, and the point made by Bill Burton, is spot on -- not that you disputed it , but the gist of this is correct.

Fox News grabbed a live shot of McCain, promoted it as McCain speaking about the (gasp!) surprise audio (that had been in the public for 7 or 8 years) - then promoted their own story line none of which had anything to do with what McCain was saying

Fox promoted a non-existent news story that they had ripped from Drudge's web site, and pumped their audience full of Fox Faux News.

"In this corner, battling for McCain, weighing in at 1 cable network, wearing the red trunks: Fox News!

In the other corner, battling for Obama, weighing in at 2 cable networks and 3 broadcast networks, wearing the blue trunks and the Che t-shirt: NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC & CNN."

"Looks like a fair fight to me, Dwayne."

"At least you call it the way you see it, Lee. Hey, look! Is that Sarah Palin in the front row?"


Lee Ward:

that reminds me.... let's see what ol' Sarah Palin is up to now...

Stay tuned...


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