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Olbermann Revisits Palin Turkey Slaughter

I gave thanks for many things on Thanksgiving -- but one of the things I'm most thankful for is that Sarah Palin wants to be in the spotlight. This video is priceless. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC commenting...

Since we're in a Sarah Palin flashback moment let's revisit exactly what was "off the record" before election day. Fox News reporting:

One... heartbeat... away....

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I've honestly never watched Keith Olbermann before. Is this egotistical and slow-witted commentary typical for him? I'm serious. How did he get his own show? Maybe I'm just seeing him on an off day - sometimes it's hard getting back into the swing of things after a vacation. I'm always willing to give a benefit of the doubt where possible.

I guess I never got the uproar over this video. It's not like some guy is taking off a screaming turkey's head with a chainsaw in the background. In fact, it looked relatively humane. What was the big deal?

Lee Ward:

There's no uproar - more like a gufaw. I was at a party last weekend and a 25 year old woman says to the assembled group of twenty or so people "Has everyone seen the Sarah Palin Turkey Pardon YouTube?"

Much laughter follows -- there were a handful of folks who hadn't seen it but a majority had. Apparently links to the video made the "You've got to see this video" email rounds...

In the discussion that followed nobody was angry - the consensus was that Sarah Palin is a major league moron for "pardoning" a turkey while turkeys are being slaughtered behind her. Quite the astute politician there, Palin... great little photo op.

"She must have been aware of what she was doing," says one person -- as laughter erupts stemming from the realization that there are a lot of things that happen around her that a simpleton like Sarah Palin isn't aware of...

And then the mood got a little somber and people were shaking their heads in amazement.

It's scary to a lot of Americans, Steve, to think that the GOP would foist that airhead onto America as a qualified Vice-Presidential candidate just to appease social conservatives.


Olbermann gives me the creeps. Frank's video link is funny and informative. I do believe I have now seen enough of Olbermann to last me the rest of my life.

Lee, quite a few Americans consider Joe Biden to be a complete airhead - I'm one of them. At the parties I go to, the idiotic things Biden has said come up in conversations and, likewise, get laughs - like telling a wheelchair bound man to "stand up and let the people see you." We laugh and then get scared... but our fear is probably more profound than at your parties because this guy has actually been elected several times and sent to Washington and is now within weeks of actually BEING VICE-PRESIDENT. He's not just some state governor, he's going to BE OUR VICE PRESIDENT! A heart beat away from the presidency! The guy who tried to get away with plagiarism in front of TV cameras during a previous presidential run! Yikes!

Weird that there's been ZERO about Biden in the news since the election and weekly reports about Palin.

Lee Ward:


Palin is trying to get elected to a national office.

Biden succeeded where she failed.

So she's still trying and will be trying for the next four years. Of course she's in the spotlight, that's exactly what her and her supporters want.

Of course they want the coverage to all be positive, and it isn't - but it's her choice to continue to be a Republican party figurehead. She thinks she's leading a reform movement to turn the GOP around.

She wacko, but that's what she thinks is happening.


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