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Racists Still Attacking Obama Despite Electoral Landslide

Update: The Supreme Court has refused to hear the challenge:

The Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from a New Jersey man who says President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because he was a British subject at birth. The court did not comment on its order Monday rejecting the call by Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, N.J., to intervene in the presidential election.

----original post begins here----

They're pretty easy to spot. They still spew the same pre-election vitriol without any letup whatsoever. Now that Americans have spoken and chosen the black guy with the Muslim-sounding middle name the racists are pinning their hopes on a U.S. Supreme Court challenge that questions whether Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen.

Their case has been thoroughly debunked so I won't bother rehashing it here. and I'm glad it's made it all the way to the Supreme Court. A decision rejecting their claim will provide closure for a few, and perhaps the rest of these Americans will someday eventually accept the choice made by their fellow countrymen and women, and get behind the President-elect and help rebuild this nation... but I doubt it.

Racism lives in the heart, right next to hatred. And the hating racists, whose spittle-filled rants grace the comment threads of this blog from time to time, are not going to stop when the Supreme Court rejects their claim.

Their hatred for black Americans isn't quenched by the rule of law. Their inner-drummer beats on, and they will just pick up new pitchforks to shake at the White House for the next four years. There is no escaping that Barack Obama is black, and the racists cannot escape their hatred for black people. The rest of us will be forced to witness the dance their hatred creates for many, many years.

Not all who oppose Obama are racist, I didn't say that. But the racists who are still unwilling to accept the choice of the majority of Americans, and unwilling to get behind the country and help lift this nation up, are woven into the fabric of this country to the extent that they will carry their hatred to the highest court in the land seeking relief.

It's their America too, and they have the right to use our courts to exercise their hatred, but they won't win -- this country and our laws are stronger than their hatred. And that's the America the rest of us still fight for, and cherish

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Comments (13)


Kinda reminds me of those Christian-phobic, anti-gun, no drilling at all tree hugger types who continue to attack Sarah Palin even though the election is long over.

BTW, there's no escaping the Barack Obama is half-black. Surely you remember his 'typical white person' grandmother. Of course, you've provided no examples of any racist speech in you post, so I'm going to go out on a limb and declare that it's a figment of your imagination.



Why is it that liberal turds continue to say that anyone against Obama must be racist?

Bottom line, Obama is a Marxist who couldn't even get top secret clearance in any agency due to his "terrorist" links. He has promised handouts to every one to get elected and has convinced the dummass typical citizen that he is the "Messiah". Just give it a few years and the people who elected Obama will see what kind of POS he really is.

Obama winning the election just goes to show you how ignorant the American people have become.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Why is it that liberal turds continue to say that anyone against Obama must be racist?"

I could ask why Republicans continues to say that all liberals are "turds" but that would risk the kind of circle-jerking encouraged by authors on right wing blog comment threads...

And it would be inaccurate. Not all who oppose liberals call them turds, and not all who oppose Obama are racists, as I stated in the post.

Not all who oppose Obama are racist, I didn't say that.

At this point I could comment that all conservatives have the reading comprehension level of first-graders but that would be wrong, so wrong...

Just give it a few years and the people who elected Obama will see what kind of POS he really is.

That's just the kind of "hate" I'm referring to above. There's no indication it's race-driven, but I wouldn't be surprised.


Gee, Lee, it couldn't be that Obama's associations have been shady and his dealings as well... it has to be skin color. Why keep harping on race? Honestly, it's ridiculous. As ridiculous as your blind hate for conservatives. Hey, that might make a good post... a new angle on "hate" using your own hatred toward those with different beliefs than yourself... Acknowledging your own hypocracy...

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Gee, Lee, it couldn't be that Obama's associations have been shady and his dealings as well..."

All of that was discovered, covered, uncovered, and finally recovered, in the pre-election dialog. We heard from Sarah Palin and John McCain daily on that subject. I have no doubt that 98% of American voters heard the conservative opinion that Obama was a socialist who pals around with terrorists.

And then, as our Constitution calls for, we held an election. The American people have spoken, and it's time for all Americans black, white, brown, yellow -- red and blue -- to get to the business of putting our nation on a better track.

What pushes *some* Americans to continue to oppose Obama to the point of a Supreme Court case challenging his citizenship status is racism.

I'm not denying the racism present in some of the words and actions of Reverend Wright, for example... are you really denying that some who oppose Obama hold racist views against him? Seriously?

Look at the folks who made such a big deal about Obama's middle name. You don't see that as having roots in racism?


Lee, I believe that when I consider all past presidential candidates I can personally remember, I knew the very least about Obama. If you feel his associations were irrelevant that's fine but there was not really much else to give a clue to Mr. Obama's ideaology. It is not a stretch for some to worry about him being a Marxist. That is not being racist and my understanding is that a very large majority of Americans were comfortable with a "President of Color". It is just that some were not comfortable with what they anticipated this particular man's (of color) policies would be. Now in the few weeks since the elections it seems to me that the briefings he has been receiving are forcing him to face reality. He is having to rethink some of the promises he made. Fine by me, I would expect that from any President Elect, white, black, yellow, whatever. Economic and democratic principles at their very basis operate independent of a person's color and intellect. Frankly, Obama stands a chance to be a great president because he is coming into office in trying and uncertain times. But I myself will judge Obama as a man even though he has personally allowed the expectations of himself to rise to a level of other- worldliness. I'm giving him a pass on that because that is politics. He did what he needed to do to win and as for me the clock starts over and it's a new ballgame now.

In addition, you spew this bile about hatred/racism and yet you show an equal amount of hatred for Sarah Palin. Is that OK because this is your domain and you can do whatever you want even if it defies logic? Are you OK with spewing your hatred of Palin because she lost and it is OK to spit on the loser? Is it OK for you to hate Palin because you give yourself a free pass on misogyny because you say you supported Hillary? This obsession is getting old. I love reading Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder and Walter Williams because I agree with most of what write. Does that make me a racist if I resist any of Mr. Obama's policies with which I do not agree. I am sorry but the margin of victory has no bearing on the level of silence required of the opposition.


Dave, this isn't Lee's domain. It comes from the exertions of someone else who feels pity for him and gives him a handout. In a nutshell, liberalism.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't hate Sarah Palin.

I love the fact that she intends to seek the 2012 presidency. I think she is imminently defeatable in a national election, and I sincerely hope she is your party's nominee. I'd even consider switching my voter registration for the 2012 primaries and voting for and possibly even campaigning for Sarah Palin.

Ill take your repeated ad hominem attacks as an admission of defeat on this issue. Thanks for trying, Dave. It's been mildly amusing.


Seriously, ad hominem attacks get you upset? This is me rolling my eyes in your general direction. You sure your name isn't Leeward of sanity? Oh and I believe the burden of proof about all this racist nonsense lies on you guy. How about producing evidence of anyone mainstream enacting so-called racism. All I see is bigotry from you so who are you to cast stones? I believe bigotry lies in the heart also... next to idiocy.


Yeah Lee, "LANDSLIDE"....skip the part about only 52% of the popular vote.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Last time I checked the presidential election was determined by the electoral college, and in the 2008 election the electoral vote was 68%-32% in Obama's favor - a rout! A kick-ass, landslide rout.

Hear me now and learn this well, GF, it was a landslide victory. Not even close. And if Republicans walk away denying that their asses were handed to them on a plate you won't learn the needed lessons that it'll take to come back from this defeat.

If the popular vote was the determining vote in the election then Obama's efforts would have been focused on turning out the votes needed to win big in that regard.

Since all that mattered was electoral votes, the Obama campaigned focused on winning that contest, and they won big.

There's lots of right wing echo chambers that'll soothe your wounds with the line that 'it was close, look at the popular vote' (53%-46%).

Obama's focus would have been centered on winning the popular vote if the popular vote mattered.

He didn't because it didn't matter. What mattered was electoral votes and I'd call 68%-32% - a better than 2-1 margin - a landlside, yesirree.

Truthful Citizen:

racists are pinning their hopes on a U.S. Supreme Court challenge that questions whether Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen

Alan Keyes is a racist? I don't think so. He opposes Obama on ideological grounds -- he disagrees with Obama's liberal positions on a range of issues, as did 46% of the voting electorate.

I agree the challenge is frivolous from a political standpoint. The Supreme Court would never risk the civil unrest that would result from overturning the election. But from a factual and legal standpoint, the Keyes petition raises legitimate questions. The public has never seen Obama's original, 1961 birth certificate, the one with the name of the hospital and the delivering physicians. All Obama's campaign has released is a 2007 print-out of information allegedly contained in the state's computers (and we know how much garbage is in state-maintained DMV and similar databases).

The 1961 record is now being kept in a vault (why the special treatment?) and all we have is the say-so of state officials as to what it says. I would also note that Hawaii law permits parents of an infant born outside the state to register it in Hawaii, which makes it all the more crucial to examine the exact language on the 1961 certificate. The degree of secrecy is surprising, given how gleefully the Democrats investigated and released the public records of Joe the Plumber, who wasn't even running for office.

A similar challenge was made to McCain's citizenship status, as well as to the citizenship status of candidates running in previous election. They're no different than any other sort of challenge; the intent in all cases is to eliminate from contention the candidate one opposes. It's politics, not racism.

James Cloninger:

Last time I checked the presidential election was determined by the electoral college, and in the 2008 election the electoral vote was 68%-32% in Obama's favor - a rout! A kick-ass, landslide rout.

Since when does the Left care about the electoral college? They certainly didn't in 2000.

Landslide? That's nothing, try the 1980 elections, sport. Reagan's two elections:

Ronald Reagan's 489 electoral votes to Jimmy Carter's 49 in 1980

Ronald Reagan's 525 electoral votes to Walter Mondale's 13 electoral votes in 1984

ANd even Bush Sr:

George H. W. Bush's 426 electoral votes to Michael Dukakis's 111 electoral votes and Lloyd Bentsen's 1 electoral vote in 1988

Even Clinton did marginally better:
Bill Clinton's 370 electoral votes to George H. W. Bush's 168 electoral votes in 1992

And that was a three-way with Perot.

It's an impressive win, but not really much of a "landslide"


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