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Ford Probe.....A Recession Horror Tale!

As a sign of the terrible bad times in the American automobile industry, a new Ford dealership in Gladstone, Oregon suddenly shut it's doors on Monday and hired a security guard to kick angry customers off the lot who had complaints about service, contracts, unhonored warranties and other serious product issues. The Oregon State Attorney General's Office has opened a legal probe into this car dealership that suddenly shut it's doors, leaving many angry customers who now claim the dealer started to fail to honor new car warranties and other important services recently as auto sales tumbled nationwide. It hardly inspires much confidence among many potential new car buyers for a dealership like Joe's Ford to suddenly close it's doors and leave customers in the lurch, but this is exactly what many customers are claiming happened at this new Ford dealership.

What happened at Joe's Ford on Monday had an eerie similarity to the sudden bank closings during the Great Depression, where customers had a huge financial stake at the banks, but doors were suddenly closed and hired security guards held off angry customers. It is a disturbing scene so identical to so many terrible dramas during the Great Depression.


It also appears that the new car inventory at Joe's Ford will likely be taken over by the Ford Motor Company's credit division as well. This local dealership is apparently simply giving back the new car inventory to the car company rather than pay for this stock that was offered on credit to the dealer.

While new car dealerships have become virtual ghost-towns recently despite some terrific sales deals and bargains that abound, the shocking story of the sudden close of Joe's Ford in Gladstone should send a cold chill up the spines of what few new car customers there may be out there. Some car buyers used to wonder whether a car would last until it's paid for. Now you have to wonder whether the car dealer will last until tomorrow to honor the warranty. It's all very disturbing.

It's yet another recession horror story.

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Comments (8)


It's not all makes and models. Just the ones with highly unionized workforces and overpaid greedy ceos. Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, and several other overseas competitors appear to be in good financial shape. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that if a japanese CEO runs a company into the ground, he's expected to gut himself while his best friend cuts off his head......

Lee Ward:

Nice photo, Paul - I'd recognize you anywhere...

Calls from the right to let the automakers fail are so indicative of the hatred some have for everyone but themselves. The number of people who would be hard-hit by letting the big 3 go under is staggering, but many don't seem to care.

They see an auto-bailout in these terms:

It helps the automakers..

so it helps the autoworkers,

and since autoworker's unions donate to the Democrats then it helps the Democrats...

and Democrats are pro-choice.

Therefore everyone and anyone connected to the auto industry can suck eggs and die because we're against abortion.

I kid you not -- that's the thought process these Un-Americans go through.

Hi Lee. This story reminds me of being bad enough to a TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode, so the photo seemed to be comically appropriate as an added commentary on this terrible recession horror tale.

I'm sort of a fan of horror movies myself, so finding a little humor in the awful effects of the Bush recession on some new car buyers in Oregon when their dealer suddenly pulled the rug out from under them seemed like an interesting way to tell yet another serious story of the real human pain this recession is causing.


Gentlemen, any thoughts on a Democratic governor being arrested by the FBI? A democratic governor who seemed PRETTY CONFIDENT he could get quite a decent selling price from a fellow Chicago-style politician heading to the White House for a senate replacement? And before you even go there - I know Blago expresses frustration over the possibility of getting nothing but "appreciation" from Obama, but sounds to me like he was in SHOCK at the very idea that Obama might not play the game Chicago-style. Think Obama knew about the FBI activities? Nah! How could he??

Lee Ward:

Yep, Blagojevich specifically states in the wiretap recordings that Obama isn't going to play along with Blago's scheme to get money in exchange for the appointment. he also states that there is no way Obama is going to appoint him to a cabinet post.

Nice job there, Steve, posting your off-topic lie and smear troll on a post that has nothing to do with that topic.

What an ass...


I just didn't see any blogs here at Blue about the topic of corrupt democrats where I could add my two cents worth ... my bad!

Lee Ward:

Blagojevich looks like a real bad apple, but we don't write about every corrupt politician (D) or (R) that comes along.

I'm sure there are plenty of blogs already smearing President-elect Obama with thinly-sourced innuendo and outright lies, and I know you won't have any difficulty finding a comment thread that will welcome your theory that Blago was in SHOCK that Obama wasn't going to play along.

When the *facts* warrant a post on Obama's involvement in this scandal you'll find a post here on the subject, I assure you.

Bill Johnson:

Lee Ward:

They're going under. It's just a matter of how much of my money they take with them. Yes, there will be pain and displacement.

So let it happen now, via Chapter 11. It's always worse later - especially if the cost is a few thousand dollars per citizen. Give ME that money, and let ME decide what car companies live or die.

It's not a government decision - it's just a scam that will cost you huge. What's GM's burn rate? I think it's such that the bailout money offered is insufficient to keep the company afloat for three months. What will you do then - bail again?

Not with my money, thank you.


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