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Gitmo Detainees Ask to Confess, Rabid Right Gets Foamy

Why the sudden rush to confess and be executed? It's Obama's fault, of course:

The alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and four co-defendants told a military judge Monday they want to immediately confess at their war-crimes tribunal, setting up likely guilty pleas and their possible executions.

The five said they decided on Nov. 4, the day President-elect Barack Obama was elected to the White House, to abandon all defenses against the capital charges. It was as if they wanted to rush toward convictions before the inauguration of Obama, who has vowed to end the war-crimes trials and close Guantanamo.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and two others said they would postpone entering pleas until the military determines their two co-defendants are mentally competent. "We want everyone to plead together," he said.

Mohammed and another defendant have said they would welcome execution as a path to martyrdom, but the announcement came as a shock to some of the victims' families.

Some of the rabid loony bin inhabitants on the right are already jumping up and down on this. CHeck out "Chicago Ray's" rant:

If they want to be Martyrs by pleading guilty with full confessions as reports are flying around this fine morning, then send their filthy asses to Allah and now I say. Good Riddance tot he entire Muslim gang down there at Club Gitmo. This revelation and move by this slime will undoubtedly go a long way to vindicating everything that's gratefully been done under president Bush's watch to make America safe from another attack by these foaming at the mouth camel humping animals.

And here's a news flash for you Muslim loving liberals and your Messiah waiting in the White House on deck circle getting ready to close down that terrorist Cuban resort:

You people dismantle and change Bush's effective plans constructed against all your wishes that have kept all Americans safe for these seven years under his watch and we get attacked,

Guess What.... the blood will be on your hands and all over your faces, period.. enough said.

Do the detainees' impending confessions, and the conviction that's sure to follow, mean the guilty will have been brought to justice?

Of course not. A confession isn't proof of guilt, only proof that they wish to die as martyrs before Bush's make-believe tribunal of justice before they are given a real trial after Obama takes office. They may indeed be guilty, but their confession is not proof of that.

If these folks want to be martyrs I have no qualms about it. Let them "confess," be found guilty, and executed. Bush and the Americans he represents want blood, let them drink deep from this and celebrate.

But does it mean that justice has prevailed? -- no, not at all. And that's the reason for this sudden rush to confess -- it'll circumvent what the detainees are hoping to avoid - any sense of justice and fair play on the part of the United States.

The clock is ticking, and soon Bush and his band of lairs will be out of the White House forever. That's the reason for this rush to an execution. Give the Muslim radicals the martyrs the need to gather more recruits, and more reasons to hate Americans.

I feel safer already.

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