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Blagojevich Becomes The Latest Illinois Governor To Face Legal Problems

The very disappointing revelations today of the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich read like a final chapter in some Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde drama. As a congressman, Blagojevich established a reasonable reputation as an effective legislator, but as the first Democratic governor of Illinois in 30 years, Blagojevich began to self-destruct before the public eye into his second term in office where his popularity began a rapid tumble after question after question about his character began to publicly surface.

From his Serbian immigrant father's Chicago working class background, Blagojevich who once worked as a dishwasher, a shoe shine boy and a pizza delivery boy, seemed like he truly was a man of the people. And voters as well as labor unions became so impressed by his life story where Blagojevich who was once a prosecutor with a good reputation for fighting domestic abuse cases that they elected him to congress where he racked up a very good record of being a friend of the working man. But as governor the wheels just plain fell off it seems.

After winning re-election in 2006, despite some 2005 scandals that started to emerge to taint Blagojevich, things only got worse where by 2008 his popularity hit the real skids where by October his approval rating stood at a mere 4%, and THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE and many others had called on Blagojevich to resign his office, but doubted that he would. Blagojevich would have been wise to heed this advice.

The 6AM home arrest of Governor Blagojevich was an embarrassing chapter to a political career which is rapidly coming to an end. Prosecutor Patrick Kennedy, who has to be one of the most honest and trustworthy of any prosecutor in the U.S.,who also successfully went after the criminal conduct of White House staffer "Scooter" Libby, was apparently the lead prosecutor in this case of corruption coming from a governor who appeared to be in the business of attempting to sell Barack Obama's old senate seat rather than quickly appoint someone to fill this post based on their talents. In fact, some of Obama's favorite candidates for this senate seat had to recently take themselves out of contention because of all the scandal surrounding the Illinois governor.

And there is that matter of the wiretap that has Governor Blagojevich sounding much more like some hardened organized crime figure rather than a public servant are indeed some of the most disturbing in American political history, and are on a par that almost seems worst than some of the most disturbing revelations that forced President Richard Nixon from office. But prosecutor Patrick Kennedy made it abundantly clear that President-Elect Obama has no role at all in Blagojevich's own problems. In fact, Obama has been something of a victim where his top suggested picks to replace him in the senate have been put on hold and their nominations clouded over by Blagojevich's own actions.

Oh, the late night comics will have a lot of fun with Governor Blagojevich's problems. And you only know that these will include more than a few toupee or Hair Club For Men jokes as well. For a gag, some jokester has even put up a phony ad on Ebay offering to sell the Illinois senate seat. But one thing is for certain, Abraham Lincoln, which had a saintly reputation for honesty would be very disappointed at the Blagojevich affair, and President-Elect Obama doesn't appreciate this distraction as he seeks to shore up hope on Wall Street to trust in his political agenda to rescue the American economy.

The serious problems of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should stand solely on his own shoulders. Mr. Obama has no part in these serous problems. Mr. Obama is concerned with how to best rebuild the American economy and restore America's place in the world. Blagojevich by comparison was apparently only concerned with what he could accomplish for himself, which is the direct opposite of any true public servant.

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Comments (11)

banned poster #579:

It's too bad your writing style is so hard to read Paul. You actually make good points, but with all the run on sentances and single sentance paragraphs, i just can't finish anything you write.


Is this really a surprise?


its Patrick Fitzgerald not Patrick Kennedy. and its U.S. Attorney not prosecutor....

I know I'm not at my best writing today, Banned Poster. I'm extremely cold because I installed a new furnace and something in the electrical just isn't working properly, and it will be getting down to 20 degrees by Monday which is probably life threatening cold.

I get this furnace working where I'm more comfortable and my writing will improve. I just wanted to comment on this big news today, but it's very hard when you're in the cold and it's actually warmer outside than in the house.

I certainly realize that my writing some days is far better than other days. Some days I simply have too many distractions where I have to deal with to be as good as other days when my writing has a decent flow.


Is that the same Patrick Fitzgerald that was raked over the coals by the GOP when he prosecuted Scotter Libby? If so, seeing he was called all kinds of things by the GOP, why are the now praising him?

Oh, I know, it's OK to nail crooked Demo's, but it's not OK to nail crooked GOP people. Got it, you betcha, wink, wink.


Come on, Allen, the GOP got on Fitzgerald's case for the Scooter Libby thing because he nailed Libby on perjury charges, but not anything directly with Plame. So they know from experience how thorough and unbending he is ... why shouldn't they be allowed now to say the guy is a straight-arrow, play-by-the-rules kind of guy?

I don't assume by any means that Obama will be tainted by this, but I'm guessing plenty of mud will be thrown and some of it's going to stick somewhere. Obama is too smart to have gotten caught up in this.

One last thought: I'm guessing Blagojevich was laughing hysterically over the whole "troopergate" controversy in Alaska a few months ago, thinking to himself, "Palin's a **expletive** rookie!"


I think Obama is too smart, and has too much to lose, to get involved with Blagojevich's hijinks, but in the news clip that I saw Obama says "We, I mean I, had no contact..." or words to that effect.

That seems to signal that *someone* in the Obama camp had contact with Blagojevich's side. Not that they did anything wrong, but there may be some dirt there that'll be exploited by the Palin'istas (heh).

If someone in the Obama camp knows something about this scheme of the gov.'s and didn't blow the whistle it kinda shoots holes in the "holier than thou" ethics posturing Obama has undertaken in the transition.

But there's no direct evidence that is indeed the case yet.


Steve,you mentioned; "why shouldn't they be allowed now to say the guy is a straight-arrow, play-by-the-rules kind of guy?"

That proves my point about the BS the GOP spreads. The GOP called him everything you can think about, and now, he is their hero. When can the GOP say something about things and stay with that version? Quit flip/flopping. You guys called him a SOB, so that is what he is, right?

At least this shows that there is one US Attorney that isn't biased, like most of them are when it comes to corrupt GOP people. They just want to make up charges on the Demo's.

And where is Monica Goodling today, and what is she doing after she had to quit the Justice Dept.


Another quote, this time from Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs:

"We did not know about this recent part of the investigation until today."

He didn't say "we weren't aware of Blagojevich's scheme" or "we never discussed the matter with Blagojevich or his operatives."



when fitz brings good cases to indictment, we'll praise him. when he brings bad cases to indictment, we curse him. What seems so hard to understand about that?

If you look at the underlining evidence that has been provided, the Blog corruption case is much much stronger than the Libby perjury case.

In the Libby case, it looked like he was stretching for somebody to indict. If you actually followed the trial, it's interesting that Libby was convicted of perjury for not remembering something the even the reporters who did testify could agree on the details of. There was never a smoking gun, it was all he said she said.

And Armitage was never even brought up on charges even tho he is the one who actually leaked the information. There is also the question of whether or not the actual leak was illegal or not.

Overall I would say a weak case, and one which i don't agree with the outcome of on strictly legal grounds. But he was convicted, so I will give you that.

Now on the Blog case there are actual phone transcripts of him commiting illegal activities. Can't get much stronger than that.

That is why the GOP carped on Fitz then and are hailing him now. The quality of the case.

As Eliot Spitzer said, "our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." I'm sure Blagojevich will ultimately reformed himself and become a model public servant. Obama, too, will transcend his obvious and ever-deepening involvement in this criminal scandal.


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