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Ted Nugent Becomes The New Voice Of Conservatives

Conservatives strangely have found two wacky personalities as the new voices that have become the intellectual drive of the Republican party. Wacky personality Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has captured a large number of conservative followers, and now raw meat rocker Ted Nugent is also fast emerging as the latest conservative voice. Today, Ted Nugent "the motorcity madman" is offering some tough love logic on the prospect of a GM bankruptcy.

While proving himself a loyal lover of this Detroit city home, Nugent does offer a relatively strong case for support for a GM bankruptcy. Nugent views this as the best opportunity for GM to restructure and get rid of unprofitable divisions or subdivisions and to reemerge as a leaner company. Nugent views GM as perhaps too big to be rescued on it's current form.nugent.bmp

However, what I find troubling is that Nugent views the $700 billion dollar bailout of the financial institutions as an acceptable policy, he doesn't view that GM or other American automobile companies or private companies should share in this. This I don't quite understand. In my view, it was some of these financial institutions that might have had the strongest history of political donations to both political parties, only giving them more clout over asking Washington for financial help compared to the auto industry. This is unfortunately the only big difference that I see. But I would welcome any comments here that would like to argue this case any different.

But in many other ways, Nugent does display a far deeper, although sometimes simplistic sense of business, that is surprising to me. He's a little deeper thinker than I had previously realized, although I hardly agree with his philosophy. But surprisingly to me, Nugent does write fairly well, although I still doubt that traditional conservative intellectuals like the George Will's of America have little to fear that their jobs as conservative opinion leaders will be lost. But surprisingly, the rise of Sarah Palin and now Ted Nugent seem to indicate that conservatism is fast becoming a new phenomenon that appeals to working class reactionaries and is quickly losing support from among Wall Street types who are now finding enough common ground with Obama and the Democrats to make this the new party of many in the big business community. Republicans might not be able to win many future elections with such a new base. But it may represent a new political realignment.

But it is certainly a strange world when a rocker like a Ted Nugent has become the voice of conservatives. And it is also strange world when another old rocker like myself has also become one of the voices of liberals on the other side. Who knew that the world of rock music would someday provide the breeding grounds for today's political thinkers when our parents thought that we were just screwing our lives away with music as kids?

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