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Blagojevich Missed His True Calling

With his big puffy overdone hair style and his naked appeals for cash, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich seems to have missed his true calling as a sleazy televangelist. On networks like TBN this bum would be right at home with outrageous appeals to send in money for a "blessing" or to feed the less fortunate, while much of it actually ends in some multimillion dollar salary in his pocket or a huge ranch home.

Rod Blagojevich could have become the next John Hagee or James Dobson, and made up absurd appeals to gullible listeners for some poor widow to send on their last cent to them so that they could live millionaire lifestyles. John Hagge for example is one of the highest paid televangelists by far, despite the fact that many of his own church members are Mexican Americans of only modest means. Hagee was once an Assembly Of God minister, but then was defrocked by this church in an infidelity scandal, so now runs his own megachurch free of oversight from any official church which allows Hagee massive freedom to set his own salary and ethics free of supervision. Hagee has also put some of his own family members on the payroll as well, allowing the family to take even more yet from the ministry. Hagee actually gives himself the title of CEO of John Hagee Ministries as he seems to believe that it is a business. Blagojeviich.jpg

In 2001 for example, Hagee's "business" drew in $18.3 in revenues including donations or orders for tapes, books, etc. And Hagee collected a salary of $1.25 million dollars. This is the kind of money that Blagojevich loves. He missed his true calling here.

And James Dobson is another good televangelist example. Dobson who is a psychologist could simply open an office and charge fees and pay taxes like any other psychologist, but instead organized his practice into a $6 million dollar a year televangelist organization, Focus On The Family, allowing tax breaks for a
"nobprofit" religious organization. About the only religious thing about Dobson is how religious he is about lining his own pockets with a high salary. Blagojevich would love this rich and famous lifestyle.

Or take the case of Larry Lea. who was once a popular figure over at TBN until he put out an appeal to viewers to send him money because he claimed that he had a housefire. Rather than really being homeless, as many were led to believe, it was actually a vacation home of Lea's that caught fire. Lea might have been vacation homeless, but certainly not homeless. But the resulting scandal destroyed Lea's reputation. Oh, Blagojevich would be so proud.

Maybe Blagojevich would make a great fake faith healer. Some televangelists specialize in fake healings with staged events, where the perfectly able walk, and those with perfect eyesight now see. Staged healings always impress the gullible to give.

In the words of John Hagee, "If you're not prospering, it's because you're not giving". Okay. Governor Blagojevich take note of that. With your big hair and public speaking potential, you really missed your calling to shake down the masses, not just a few hopefuls who wanted a senate seat in Illinois.

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Funny, Paul, but I thought the same thing. His smarmy mug belongs right up there with Ted Haggard and Robert Tilton.

& John Edwards


So what is James Dobson's salary? You failed to give that detail.

Steve, it is a little bit hard to determine Dobson's salary because of the complicated arrangement that he runs. On one hand he doesn't draw a salary from FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, however he uses the organization to promote his books and other items that he receives royalties on. FOCUS actions has revenues of $38.5 million, and Dobson spends an average of $1 million a year on lawyers to keep his tax exempt status, and also to use millions for promotion of his politics and for Republican candidates for public office.

Other televangelist figures have a clear path. Jan and Paul Crouch have an annual income of $600,000 for example.

Joyce Meyer, who some may consider to be a minor televangelist drives a $53,000 retractable top Lexus sports car, her son a $46,000 Lexus, and her husband a custom Mercedes AMG edition. Artwork and other luxury items including furniture that is supposed to be owned by the ministry is valued at nearly $5.7 million dollars. And they use a $10 million dollar jet.

Pat Robertson's net worth has been estimated as high as $1 billion dollars by some.

Rev. Creflo Dollar, drives a black Rolls Royce and paid $18 million for a building for the ministry.

Dr. Juanita Bynum supposedly had a $1 million dollar wedding.

Faith healer Beeny Hinn is thought to have an annual salary of $1.3 million dollars.

And it goes on....


Focus on the Family spends the money to retain it's tax status, not James Dobson. He started that ministry, true, but he is not independent of it. He answers to a board, like any other decent ministry. It's when you get pastors that don't answer to anyone that you have a real problem, morally and financially. He's a good man, but he's a christian, so smear away Paul. Go for broke, throw in some pedophilic accusations or hint at some impropriety. I know you're just aching to.

Chad, I value your opinion, however I'll always be fair to everyone, including Dobson. The problems that I have with him is that he constantly blurs the line between a private business, a political organization, and religion. He's just inviting problems with such an arrangement.

And it has been Dobson himself that has used false information to further support for some of his own far right social agenda goals.

You know I've been critical of Jesse Jackson as well when he's done wrong, don't you? Look at many of my features here. Many deal with consumer protection, so I'll be critical of any wrong, from anyone.


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