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Police Killed In Domestic Terrorist Bank Bombing

In an apparent outrageous and criminal act of domestic terrorism at a bank in Woodburn, Oregon two policemen were killed and the police chief seriously wounded in a bombing. Such attacks at banks including robberies are often part of right wing extremist terrorist attacks. In Washington state, right wing terrorists once attacked an armored car in an attempt to buy more arms to create a race war in America. Programs such as AMERICA'S MOST WANTED have sometimes featured stories about such deadly acts of right wing terrorism in the U.S. that are every bit as deadly as Al Qaeda violence.

In the Woodburn, Oregon bombing, a shadowy caller apparently lured police first to a Wells Fargo Bank to investigate a device found to be harmless, but then made a second call to West Coast Bank. While attempting to investigate this second device, it blew up killing a Woodburn police officer and an Oregon state bomb detail expert. The police chief of Woodburn remains in critical condition. In many ways this disgusting act of violence is so similar to Al Qaeda ambushes of police officers in Iraq that it should be taken very seriously as an act of domestic terrorism. The ATF is investigating this act of cowardly violence and a $35,000 dollar reward has been offered. westcoastbank.jpg

Right wing political extremists are freely allowed to distribute books and literature at gun shows such as those held at the Expo Center in North Portland that only encourage bomb making and domestic terrorist activities. Yet the managers of the Expo Center fail to act to stop this dangerous potential to instruct political extremists or the mentally ill in violence such as bomb making skills. And for legitimate gun collectors or dealers, such political extremists only undermine the quality of events meant for law abiding gun collectors or hunters.

Friends of the police victims of this violence have praised the officers for their wonderful character, sense of community and selfless roles of public safety promotion. It is very sad that such an act of violence was planned by a criminal in this holiday season when so many in the police and fire community are involved in programs to help the less fortunate. A female bank worker also suffered some injuries from this deliberate act of violence meant to kill persons ambush style.

State and federal authorities need to crack down hard on the persons responsible for this violence before they are allowed to create more acts of mayhem. Such lawless violence is not acceptable in a free and orderly society. And political violence undermines democracy as well.

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Frank, leftist groups are not as active today as at one time. However, if this attack which seems meant to keep persons away from banks right during the busy holiday season is treated as a potential act of political or economic terrorism rather than a mere robbery or extortion event, then it throws more government resources at finding those responsible and preventing more such events that hurt the economy even further.

It is also important for government to take a more active role in acting against organizations that promote or encourage such violence by distributing bomb making literature or encouraging domestic terrorism. Such conduct crosses the line for a civilized society. The 1st Amendment needs to be upheld, but at the same time those who recruit or seem to advocate, or encourage domestic acts of terrorism need some form of deterrence from crossing the line into action or violence. This needs to be careful and gentle to preserve civil liberties, but at the same ensure the public safety.


"State and federal authorities need to crack down hard on the persons responsible for this violence before they are allowed to create more acts of mayhem. Such lawless violence is not acceptable in a free and orderly society. And political violence undermines democracy as well."

Well, duh.

Maybe we can think of ways to prevent the first episode instead of worrying about preventing MORE acts of mayhem. Any ideas?

Ed Wood:

Calm down. Until any body says anything different this is an isolated incident. Even if it is not. Blaming it on gun shows is ridiculous. People have been setting off bombs like this with varying degrees of success since the invention of gunpowder. They did it before gunshows. They did it before the internet. They did it before telephones. Hell, they probably did it before the printing press.

If you use Ockham's razor, the simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation, then it was probably some lone nut ball trying to scare one bank employee. No doubt the perpretrator or perpretrators could have more nefarious motives, but to assume anything more only leads to fear and possible hysteria for people who will never be involved. Even worse it may lead us to give up our rights unnecessarily.

There are already plenty of laws against this kind of activity. Likely the perpretator will be apprehended quickly.


Paul, its sad to see you jump to conclusions in reporting this ugly crime. Stick to reporting on what you know rather than how you feel and objective postings will garner you more respect. An update on the father/son perpetrators would be nice. Do they belong to any hate groups or claim to represent any "right wing" interests?


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