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China And Taiwan Take Giant Steps Towards Better Relations

During this past presidential campaign, the McCain Campaign continued to attack Barack Obama for a pledge towards working for more constructive relations, even with political rival states of the U.S. Well, China and Taiwan have just taken such a bold step forward with more constructive relations. For the first time in 59 years there will be direct airflights of passengers between the two rival Chinese powers, postal services, and China will open 59 ports to ships from Taiwan, while Taiwan will open 11 ports to mainland ships.xin_0021205150833062250187.jpg

Not that long ago, both the U.S. and Taiwan feared that the People's Liberation Navy was modernizing for a potential invasion of Taiwan by building a variety of modern warships and landing crafts. However it appears that President Hu of China is a pragmatic leader who realizes that military options are not acceptable means to achieve foreign policy goals, even with an arch rival like Taiwan. This pragmatic approach to foreign policy is quite different than the gunboat diplomacy that so characterized the Bush Administration years and that John McCain may have even racheted up to an even higher level.

Hu has also proven himself to be an international peacemaker as well by offering help of Chinese troops to act as UN peacekeepers around the world in troublespots. So it hardly seemed surprising that Hu would not find some sort of common ground with Taiwan to build better relations on. It is also proof that the government of China is working to establish a moderate world image as the world's most responsible state with a Communist form of government.

China and Taiwan's peaceful agreements towards cooperation are an important lesson that rival states can indeed find common ground and not threaten each other with warfare. Iran needs to take a clue from this and not pursue nuclear weapons, and give some positive signals that it wants more constructive relations with rival nations like the U.S. And in turn, the new Obama Administration can send some new signals to Iran, that better relations are indeed possible once any nuclear threat is removed. If Iran would get the bomb, then other Mideast states would want it as well, triggering an arms race in the region beyond just Israel's own program. And this arms race potential is indeed dangerous. However, better relations would open trade between Tehran and Washington, and more trade would foster more mutual respect between the two rivals.

But for today, both mainland China and Taiwan deserve praise for their important lesson to the world community that rival powers can find common ground and build constructive relations. And it is mighty nice to hear some good news for a change.

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