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Film Details Possible American & Northern Alliance Massacre Of Thousands Of POWs

A film produced and directed by former BBC producer Jamie Doran, who is Irish, gives pretty compelling evidence of a massive massacre of thousands of Taliban prisoners by American soldiers and their Northern Alliance Afghan fighter allies. 8,000 Taliban prisoners surrendered to American and Northern Alliance forces. But perhaps as many as 3,000 were killed and buried in mass graves by American forces and their Afghan allies.

A religious organization, Believers Against The War is helping to distribute the film and to make every member of congress aware of this serious incident of Geneva Convention rules for humane prisoner treatment being violated.

The full 50 minute film may be viewed at www.thelastoutpost.com/video-1/iraq/afghanmassacre.html

Thousands of Taliban prisoners were loaded into sealed containers and many were shot to death when they screamed for air to breathe during what is known as the "Convey Of Death".

Certainly the U.S. is at war with the Taliban. And certainly these religious extremist fighters aided Al Qaeda in their 9/11 attack on the U.S. However, it is the moral duty of the U.S. military to always behave in a lawful and honorable manner. And this film raises disturbing questions about the U.S. role in this massive massacre of thousands of POWS.

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Comments (5)


Is this another Murtha-esque hit piece?

Chad, I personally found the story shocking, so I watched the 50 minute video and was absolutely convinced that there was a substantial story here. The fact the Americans kept the Red Cross and other international observers away from the massacre or mass grave areas was also disturbing. This is a very bad story. I expect far better of my country.

My father was a cook at American POW camp during the Korean War in 1950, and not only had no problem working next to African Americans in the kitchen, back when the army was still largely segregated, but always treated all Koreans and even any Chinese prisoners with any respect due them, although he was always mindful that they could be potentially dangerous. But he knew that wars always come to an end, and that these young soldiers may be wearing the wrong uniforms, but at some point they deserved to go back home to their families just as much as my dad wanted to go back home to his wife and family someday.

The Afghan 8,000 fighters surrendered because they were promised humane treatment and their lives. But it seems like this promise was broken according to the evidence. You know that there were Japanese and German officers who were hanged for killing POWs don't you. What's happened to morality in the military that such a massacre can take place.


Only at WizbangBlue and other such dens of iniquity may a person always find an abundance of those who will believe any wretched accusation about their country. Just as long as the story, carefully constructed and manipulated to give the worst picture possible of America and you folks can be counted on to jump on it with both feet, and shout it to the rooftops whether there is a bit of truth to it or not.

You soul-less people make me sick to realize that you stay here in this country that you hate so much protected in your low bred frenzies by the very ones whom you slander.

My only consolation is knowing that deeds draw their recompense. Those of us who take the high road parted ways with the likes of you long ago.


A) alleged massacres performed by Afghans, purportedly while Americans watched- your title is disingenuous

B) the film is over 5 years old

C) the reporter and the filmmaker have produced dubious and slanted disinformation on other topics in the past

D) the film has no video evidence of the allegations other than a few interviews

E) the allegations may or may not be based on truth, there is no outside evidence to support it I've found, and none offered in the post; the film resembles other more blatant propaganda I've seen before.

f) yawn


If these allegations had any shred of truth that the IG couldn't immediately discount, there'd have been an investigation already. We (the US military) don't just let things like this slide. Period. No matter what Murtha or Al Jezeera tell you, it doesn't happen.


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