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Internal Data Indicates That Al Franken leads By Just 4 Votes In Minnesota Recount

The Al Franken Campaign is claiming that internal data from the Minnesota senate recount has given him a scant 4 vote lead. However, it is nearly certain that incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman will sue and challenge some of the ballots in an attempt to overturn the election.

This recount has been controversial because some ballots were missing, and disputed ballots were counted according to a judge's ruling which could be subject to an overturn if another court is given the case and should rule differently that they should not be counted.

Already some conservative writers such as Ann Coulter are crying foul, and recently wrote a piece referring to Minnesota as the "land of a thousand fakes", somehow suggesting that many of the now counted Al Franken ballots are not really legitimate votes.

In a strongly Democratic year, Al Franken lagged strongly behind Barack Obama partly because of his controversial nature as a comic, where so many voters just could not take him completely seriously as well as his sometimes meanspirited nature. Norm Coleman also lost respect among many voters as well. Essentially the race came down to a choice of who voters hated less. And a third party candidate made a strong statement as well as a home for the "none of the above" voters.alfranken-thumb.jpg

It's also the weird antics like this wacky photo of Al Franken that made this Minnesota senate race far tighter than it should have been in such a strong Democratic year. Few candidates for the senate had a photo to match this one of Al. But then again Minnesota once made wrestler Jesse Ventura governor, so stranger things have happened there in the past.

While the Al Franken side may be claiming a cautious victory, this thing is far from done. Likely far more lawsuits and legal wrangling will result, and it will likely be up to judges and the courts to decide which votes will actually be counted in the end.

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First Coleman will have to beat the corruption charges the FBI will be slapping him with. While not much has been said about that, both him and his wife has lawyered up.

Wonder if he was tied into Blago also? I mean the way the GOP talks, anyone who knows that corrupt governor, their guilty of something. So I guess that also makes Coleman guilty.


sorry if i seem cynical, but i lived through the 2004 Washington state governer's election. the one where King county kept "finding" more ballots every time they needed it and then it took 3 recounts for Gregoire to win.

After that fiasco I have no faith that the democrats either trust or respect the electoral process. the fact that Franken has already tried to intimate that the Senate should seat him rather than Coleman, regardless of the final results, is just icing on the cake.

Well, leave it up to Al Franken to make up his own damaging photos and make his own journey to the Senate more difficult.

Ke, the Washington election was presided over by Republican Secretary Of State Sam Reed, who was widely hailed for his sweeping election reforms after the very close governor's election race of 2004. Reed found that one box of ballots from the Seattle area were not even counted by machine in the first machine count, as well as programming errors that denied votes to both Republican Dino Rossi as well as Democrat Christine Gregoire and a third party candidate. It might have taken a total of three recounts, some done by hand. But that was because lawful and legally cast votes for all the candidates were not counted due to human error and mistakes, and Republican Sam Reed deserves high praise for improving the vote counting system in Washington which was too sloppy to determine a winner in very close elections like the 2004 election. Would Sam Reed, a Republican prefer that Republican Dino Rossi have won the 2004 election. Certainly. But that was not his job as Secretary Of State. His job was to honestly and fairly count every lawful and legal vote and allow the voters to choose the ultimate winner.

Honest persons simply cannot expect that Republican Sam Reed should choose Rossi simply because he voted for him or that he's a Republican as well. Reed is an honest man. This is far different than Republican Secretary Of State Katherine Harris who rushed to certify the vote in 2000 even though she well knew that there were outstanding military votes not yet counted, and voting machine problems or instructions in at least three counties made thousands of voters vote for two candidates. In 1972, confused voter instructions in Arizona made thousands of voters vote for both Republican Richard Nixon as well as the Socialist Workers Party candidate for some odd reason, and a federal judge had to rule that both votes were valid according to the confused election instructions.


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