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Right Wing Domestic Terrorist Suspect Arraigned For Deadly Woodburn Bank Bombing

Joshua Abraham Turnidge, 32, of Salem, Oregon was arraigned on charges related to the deadly Woodburn bank bombing. Most noticeable on the suspect's right arm was a huge Nazi-era German iron cross tattoo during the arraignment. It was a disturbing image of a suspect who cast a creepy and dark, demonic image, that one person on the KGW website commented, that all he needed was a "pitchfork and cape". turnidge.jpg

There are also some disturbing photos of Turnidge with a girlfriend posted on the Internet with the woman in a sexy pose with a military type assault weapon as well as the suspect drinking in another photo. These all were more unsettling images of a person so interested in guns and explosives as well as Nazi-era things. It was another disturbing image of a right wing domestic terrorist.joshua turnidge.jpg

Far right persons who have an interest in explosives and domestic terrorism often learn how to build bombs by attending gun shows in which extremist militia groups sell extremist paranoid political literature and books and instruct extremists in bomb making and how to conduct domestic terrorism. It is a lethal combination of selling dangerous information to persons who are mentally unstable and emotionally immature and not able to handle such dangerous things.

It is also very sad that two policemen were killed, and that the Woodburn police chief is in very bad condition, having lost a leg and with other serious injuries from the bomb blast. But an interest in explosives and extremist politics is a lethal brew, and now has destroyed many lives, including that of the suspect.

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Comments (12)


no matter how often ass holes like you associate the right with naziism, it isn't true. if you would actually look at the prinicpals of the NAZI party of Germany you would see that it has a lot more in common with the left and socialism.


That's rich, ke_future.

Let's look at the photos. Yup. These guys really look like a couple of socialist-leaning lefties. Good Lord, is there no end to you idiot's spin cycle?


"But an interest in explosives and extremist politics is a lethal brew," Would you say that also of William Ayers?


Wow, I had to look twice there. I thought Paul had snuck in and taken hidden pictures of me and my girlfriend.

I wonder where Left Wing terrorists learn to build their bombs?


I thought NAZI was some sort of acronym for National Socialist.....

Epador, I always get a big laugh from your funny comments, well done.

Ke, the fact of the matter is that normal mainstream conservatives and or Republicans don't have an interest in Nazi era relics, build bombs, murder police officers or believe in wacky conspiracy theories that Jews somehow control all the banks, etc. It is only a small fringe that believes in such things. Mainstream gun owners are responsible persons compared to those who hoard dangerous military weapons and explosives and threaten banks like this suspect is accused of. Mainstream Republicans like Ronald Reagan and the first President Bush also condemned the entry of Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke into Republican politics in Louisiana. Neither Reagan or Bush wanted to see members of radical groups enter Republican politics.

At one time many such radicals were probably part of the Southern Democrat lock on power in the South. Even in Oregon at one time, Ku Klux Klan members largely controlled the state legislature, which is surprising in a Northern Western state and tried to pass a number of antiCatholic legislation. Even the phone company AT&T would not hire Catholics in the 1930's, so my grandmother had to misrepresent her faith on the job application as the "First Christian Church" to get a job with AT&T because of antiCatholic and KKK pressure. Many employers wanted to know a persons religion in those days and refused to hire Catholics or other persons based solely on their faith. During the 1960 campaign, Catholic John Kennedy had to work hard to fight off those who opposed him merely because of his Catholic faith in much the same way that Barack Obama had to work hard because of those who opposed him merely because of his race.

Rodney, I wouldn't be surprised if leftist radicals like Bill Ayers once got bomb making information from just about the same sources who sell the same information to the far right. Persons who sell such books have no good sense of conscience or responsibility who is buying their materials or who purchases such books. I once owned a bookstore, and finally stopped selling gun magazines and books after too many persons with clear mental health problems were purchasing such books including one fellow with a criminal history of shooting at cars who was a diagnosed schizophrenic. Not enough normal and balanced gun collectors or hobbyists were buying such books, and I didn't want to possibly contribute to some situation where a disturbed person might commit some gun crime, influenced by some book or magazine like SOLDIER OF FORTUNE.

Mick, great comment. Indeed the suspect hardly looks like a Jehovah's Witness only interested in spreading the Word of the Lord.

Nikkolai, indeed the National Socialist Movement in Germany was a far right form of fascism, that in fact jailed, punished or killed left leaning parties like the Socialists and Communists. The first volunteer fighters to fight Germany were Communists from around the world when Germany was involved in the war in Spain and backing Franco. Later world Communists, including American Communist fought the Germans in Poland. And French Communists were the main force of the French Resistance. In Vietnam, American soldiers fought side by side with Ho Chi Minh's Vietminh Communist soldiers to battle the Japanese. The U.S. was a strong but wary ally of world Communists during WWII, but that friendship broke down after Stalin divided Germany and the Cold War standoff started. Interestingly, it was only Mao Tse Tung's Chinese Communists that largely avoided direct combat with the Japanese, instead building up their forces to eventually battle the Nationalist Chinese. These Communists could have seriously helped their nation resist Japan, but let their country down unlike other Communists who at least proved their nationalism.

At any rate, great discussion here fellows. Keep up the good work.


Paul H,

Ok, this one is pretty sloppy. If you are going to get people to read this side of the site with any regularity, it's time to raise the bar.

"These all were more unsettling images of a person so interested in guns and explosives as well as Nazi-era things. It was another disturbing image of a right wing domestic terrorist."

Now, I know WHY you are calling this person a right-wing domestic terrorist, but it would make sense to put some kind of source or link to add some weight to this assertion. Otherwise, it just looks like you are using this particular case to wave your own political banner. If you don't have anything to back up this kind of stuff, leave them out.

What is making you call this guy right wing? Sources? What political ideology did the guy have? Do you know, or are you just making assumptions here?

"These all were more unsettling images of a person so interested in guns and explosives as well as Nazi-era things. It was another disturbing image of a right wing domestic terrorist."

Look, while the simple labels of left vs. right are standard fare around here, maybe it's time to move on a little. What makes you assume that the Nazis were right-wing? Because they were nationalists? Well, nationalism is something that is prevalent on both ends of the political spectrum. Or are you calling them right-wing because they were militarily aggressive? Well, as Stalin illustrated, military aggression is by no means limited to the "right."

The Nazis were, in an economic sense, very much socialists. That means that there was a lot of central planning and control going on. Hence, "National Socialists". Sure, they hated the communists, but they were still socialist in many ways.

Labeling Nazis as right-wing, while politically expedient for you, is pretty lazy. And this comes from someone who is hardly conservative.

There's my 2 cents.

RA and Bill Hussein. Lee is taking a little Christmas break right now, and I'm filling in for a few days. But I'm writing what I can in pretty bad weather conditions with snow and ice and no working furnace for the last few days. So at times my writing could be better if I was a little more comfortable.

Doubting Thomas:

Right. We get it.

Lee's really up in Alaska stalking Sarah.

Say no more! (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)

If the police have any information about motives they aren't releasing it and apparently have got whoever took the threat calls at the bank(s?) not to say anything if the calls referred to motives.

The Iron Cross was a medal of Imperial Germany as forged by Prussia under the leadership of Bismarck; the Nazis adopted it to claim the continuity of their Third Reich (empire, 1st being Holy Roman Empire, second being Prussian/ Hohenzollern forged by Bismarck) with German history.

It is quite common these days -- I've seen it dozens of times on someone wearing a sweatshirt or baseball cap with one & the word "Independent" -- apparently tied to "Independent Trucking Company" in some form of origin. Maybe some of those people are neo-Nazis but I doubt most are.

There does not seem to be any evidence linking the Turnidges to organized ultra-right groups, at least not yet -- a lot of people with such ties boast about them, but people the media have interviewed say they've never heard any of the kind of statements you'd expect.

I'm a leftwing person & have read considerably about white supremacist & separatist groups & believe there are rightwing domestic violent groups that could be labeled terrorists, but part of the problem that the original article sort of is aiming at is how "terrorist" has become a sloppy smear word -- I don't think that throwing around unevidenced accusations of "terrorism" against anyone helps with the problem.

Hello Chris. Thanks for your opinions here. However, my personal belief is that even when an individual acts alone to create a climate of fear or intimidation such as creating fear to clear out customers from banks, even if not part of some formal organization, but motivated by an ideology rather than a pure financial crime motive then, then that is terrorism. How many customers stayed away from banks in the Woodburn area the day after this deadly blast because of the fear and intimidation that was created by this deadly blast? Likely, the Woodburn bank branch that was affected, if even open that day, was a very lonely place because the goal of the bomber to create fear was achieved.

In the Mideast when someone straps on a bomb and creates fear by blowing it up in a marketplace, even if not part of Hamas, Al Qaeda or some other organization, then it is viewed as a terrorist act. In the U.S., I believe that the same standard should apply in defining deadly acts meant to keep people from normal commerce, etc. by creating fear through violent means.

I certainly doubt that the bombing was part of any organized group. But I believe the bombing was designed to keep people from banks and designed to cause damage and to create a climate of fear, as well as motivated by a political ideology. That seems like terrorism to me. What do others think about this as a working definition?


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